Are the mods OK with two puddleglum(m)s?

Not anything against the posters themselves, but I find it confusing to have a puddleglum (one M) and a puddleglumm (two Ms) on the board, and I seem to recall the mods required a name change of a newbie with a too-similar name before.

That’s a fair point. We looked into it and made sure these posters were too different people but we didn’t specifically address the similar usernames. I’ll make sure that gets taken care of.

I was surprised that you made no comment to this Argent_Towers about the username. (Although it appears to have been a one-post poster.)

That’s why didn’t bother saying anything. If there had been any indication he was going to hang around, we would have told him to pick a new username.

A difference in one letter just isn’t enough. I recommend the new guy change his username to puddleglummmmmmmm so the distinction is more noticeable.

I think the risk of colliding with Mean Mr. Mustard’s customary signature is still too high. :smiley:

What a strange situation. One puddleglum(m) is too many, while two puddleglum(m)s is nowhere near enough.

I suggest one change his name so we have a puddleglee and a puddleglum.

Or piddleglum.

Good catch. So we should go with ppuuddddlleegglluumm.

Or Roger Johnson.

Can I change my username to Marley23.1415926535898?

No - you have to pick Senegoiter.


Sho 'nuff.