Are the "quiet" girls really more wild in bed?

See topic title.

I assume most of you have heard the expression that the quiet girls are actually the wildest ones in bed. I’m curious about the truth of this matter.

Some are, some aren’t.

My experience is that it’s not true. Or at least not true often enough to justify the meme.



Eh, yes and no.

Some wild girls are called wild for a reason…

In the interests of making this a GQ answer, I demand a grant to conduct an exhaustive research program.

Or we could move it to the Pit and decry the notion that far too few quiet girls are porn stars in bed.

I’ve met a few quiet/wild ones, but just a few.

In my experience the party girl dancin on the bar is the one who will be knockin the picture off the walls later.:smiley:

In the absence of controlled scientific studies, let’s move this to IMHO.

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It would be a mistake to assume that just because a person is “quiet,” he or she won’t be excited/exciting in bed. It would also be a mistake to assume that just because a person is “quiet,” he or she will be excited/exciting in bed. There’s no useful correlation here.

This calls for a resurrection of the “Promiscuity Girls” thread!

Nice handle/OP combo…

I haven’t managed to find a significant statistical correlation, but research continues.

What does “wild in bed” mean? I think it’s like driving - anyone who’s slower than you is incompetent, and anyone faster than you is a maniac.

For just “let’s do it!” I’d say wild girls are wilder than quiet girls. For how strange things get after we’re in bed, I’d say there’s no correlation in either direction.

My experience 20 years out of date because I’ve been with my wife that long.

OK Cupid did some research. See Chart 2.

Anecdotal, but nope. Quiet girls are generally not more wild in bed. As with all things it’s not true 100% of the time but most of the time, certainly.

Growling, clawing, urinating, killing and devouring a gazelle…

I’ve heard that crazy people are the best in the sack. Never heard any such stereotype about quiet people. I’ve never had sex with a crazy dude though, so I can’t really speak to the truth of that either.

Like I said, if someone drives slower than you, they’re incompetent.

Gazelle snuff hasn’t given me a stiffie since I was 19 or 20…

The first three don’t sound so bad…