Are the "quiet" girls really more wild in bed?

Such blanket generalizations are silly and meaningless. Some quiet girls are sexually voracious animals, some aren’t.

You want to get down to the real nitty, gritty; it’s all about the redheads in the sack…yowza!! :cool:

I don’t know about that, but I do know that Catholic high school girls are way more likely to initiate sex (or at least, sexytimes) than public high school girls. My junior and senior years are my cite.

Maybe, but these days it’s a lot harder to find out whether the carpet matches the drapes.

Crazy dudes aren’t significantly different in bed than regular dudes.

My friend and I do have a theory about southern dudes being freaks though.

Well, we could kill two research birds with one stone here!

(Just kidding. I’ve only been with one woman since 1986, and plan to keep it that way.)

Perhaps you speak from personal experience with one or more, but I would think your first sentence hits the nail on the head for redheads as well. :slight_smile:

Strict baptist school girls, too.

Cite: Baptist school girlfriends when I was in public high school.

I wouldn’t know. I have heard Penn Jillette say hitting on nerds, dorks and geeks (female ones) provided the best rate of return and they responded best of his advances. Looking back at my life, I’d say that is fairly true.

Off topic, but not really.

How are we gauging quietness?

In my honest opinion, served by all observations I’ve made, there is absolutely no correlation, none whatsoever, between a person’s (doesn’t matter if it’s male or female) personality when they’re not having sex, and their sexual habits.

Have you been peeking in my windows again?

I mean, I appreciate the vote of confidence and all, but you guys give me a serious case of performance anxiety.

I can’t speak to quiet, but IME, girls who act and dress more conservatively are way more fun in bed than the ladies who dress “slutty” and tend to do a of attention whoring. YMMV.

I would agree with this in general. My experience has been intelligent proffessional types seem to be better in bed by a good margin than the bar chicks.

As opposed to what’s known over here as a “starfish” – someone whose five appendages (head included) are spread out as she lies there and stares at the ceiling.

We’re talking smart hookers?

I think it would depend on who they are in bed with. If a quiet girl beds with a demure guy, she may tend to be more reserved. On the other hand, a normally quit girl may tend to scream a bit if she were in bed with say, Bigfoot.

Don’t know about girls, but I’ve been told I’m a fairly reserved, innocent looking guy with a filthy mind.

Well what the fuck are we waiting for ?! You control, I’ll study, let’s go !

And of course, it goes without saying that it’s all the girl’s fault if she’s a downer in bed.

Fair Game - CSN

I think you’ll need some assistance in order to make this an international research assignment. I volunteer to spend some of your grant money and i’ll provide the research for Australia. :p:p