Are the Simpsons done?

Caution: contains a spoiler of the May 21 episode

After viewing Sunday’s episode (May 21), I’m having trouble deciding what Homer meant when he said to the editor “This will be the last season” (or thereabouts). Does that mean I just witnessed the final episode? Or do I get one more season (the clip they were screening didn’t look familiar to me, but I’ve missed a few this season)? The fact that they revealed (?) their home state finally also leads me to think it’s over.

Any help?

It was a joke. Episodes for Season 12 have already been produced. The season opener is called “Insane Clown Poppy.” In it, Krusty discovers he has a daughter (voice of Drew Barrymore) from a one-night stand.

The bit about the Simpson’s being from Kentucky is also a joke. The writer’s have already established the Springfield can’t be anywhere real (e.g., it has both an ocean port, mountains, desert, and is simultaneously near New York, Texas, Washington, and Florida).

Questions about TV plots really belong in MPSIMS. I’ll move the thread there.

Does this mean that the writers are secret juggalos?!?! Do they listen to the Insane Clown Posse? This would be madd hella fresh, seeing as how ICP KICKS ASS!

Where in the heck was the Kentucky reference? I watched the show and have it on tape but don’t recall when it was made.

It was really off hand, right near the end.

Something along the lines of…
“things are starting to look up for this northern kentucky family”

Actually, it was “…this family from northern Kentucky” which could be taken to mean that they aren’t in N. Kentucky, but merely once from it. In any event, as has been pointed out, no place on Earth has the necessary geological features to be Springfield.

i doubt it!
does anyone know how long the show is contracted for?

The Fox website has The Simpsons on their fall schedule. But no Family Guy, Damnit!


So does that mean that next season is the last one or not? Surely that’s not a superfluous reference (heh).

Also, the announcer said Kentucky, so I will believe KY. Obviously the geographics don’t line up for any city, but as far as I’m concerned, they finally answered the “state question”.

btw- thanks for moving this thread manhattan, wasn’t sure where to put it…

The Simpsons are going off the air no sooner than UPN shows will start being worth anyones precious time. Sure as time goes by the humor in the show gets harder and harder to follow. I mean, didn’t one episode go from them skiing to the boys being sent to a leper colony on an island in or around Hawaii? wishes he had some real facts to back this up But the fun will never end for this Simpsonatic. No greater injustice could be done than taking that show off the air. I’ve quoted and lived the Simpsons experience for most of their lives. May they ever live on our TV’s and in our lives. Amen


I took that line as meaning that the show they were editing wasn’t very good, so Homer told the guy to hold on to it and save it for the last season of the show’s run, whenever that will be.

The statement “Sunday’s episode proves that the Simpsons live in KY” is exactly as true as the statement “Richie Rich filled in for Bart for several episodes.”