Are the "Star Wars" movies set in our Universe?

Are the Star Wars movies set in our Universe, at some future point in time, or in a fantasy Universe? Is this topic addressed in the movies?

Welp, it takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Given that the first movie opens with this line:

it’s clear that they are set in our Universe, but in the distant past, not future.

Of course since the opening is a riff on the traditional opening of fairy tales, “Long long ago in a country far far away,” one could conclude that it’s just a fantasy too. But as far as what is said, it’s our Universe.

I forgot that bit.

So Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and “Ben” Kenobi are “humanoids”, but not humans? And they are not, technically, speaking English?

According to non-movie sources, they’re human, and they speak “Galactic Basic”.

To - kinda - misquote Harrison Ford:

“Kid, this ain’t that sorta movie.”

This raises a lot of questions. It might have been more prudent for them to be humanoid, but since it’s non-movie, it’s not official and can be disregarded at one’s personal discretion. If one accepts the Star Wars humanoids as being “human”, then that surely means that they are related to the humans on Earth. The logical conclusion of that would be that the Star Wars universe is not the same as our Universe, since science shows that humans on Earth developed from bipedal apes as part an evolutionary process taking millions of years, and not as a space colony of some distant intergalactic species of humans.

Do the Star Wars humans/humanoids have a species name? A home planet? What script/alphabet system does the Galactic Basic language use?

The story is definitely set in a distant past, which could be our future. :slight_smile:

This is the script they use:

Given that stormtroopers rock out to Jefferson Starship, it must be in our universe.

Yes, or possibly they’re descendants of colonizers who where thrown back in time somehow when the migrated. Those colonizers brought only English with them which then became the new basic.

Good point! The song Jefferson Starship played was “Light the Sky on Fire”, which was included as a bonus 45 rpm single in the Jefferson Starship greatest hits collection Gold - in our Universe.

There weren’t any signs or labels in english, were there?

Are fairy tales, or urban fantasy, or superhero stories, set in our Universe? Or are they set in an alternative universe that is like ours except for some significant differences (e.g. magic works)?

Even though it looks like it’s the future, it’s really a long, long time ago

When you talk about an “alternative universe,” you are kind of assuming that place is real in some sense, or might be real. While these stories borrow real elements, they take place outside of reality. People sometimes suggest that Game of Thrones takes place on a “different planet.” Actually, it takes place in a different (un)reality.

Exactly. These kinds of questions miss the point of what fiction is. A fictional movie is not a documentary about a nonexistent setting. It’s fiction. There is no logical connection between it and reality.

There were originally. When Obi-Wan deactivated the tractor beam in ANH, the labels were in English. The modified editions changed this to gibberish space text. You can find examples of each on YouTube.

They are called humans. Very human-like species (most, if not all, of which are offshoots of humans), such as the Chiss, are referred to as hear-human. Humanoid includes humans, near-humans, and a lot of not-at-all human species who happen to adhere to basically the same bauplan as humans, such as the Twi’leks. Beyond ‘human’, humans are usually referred to by their homeworld - Corellians, frex.

It’s not known for sure where Humans originated, but it’s generally assumed to be Coruscant.