Are there alot of laws that make opening a brothel hard in rural Nevada?

Let’s say I bought some property near Warm Springs or Tonopah (outside the city limits) in Nye county Nevada and wanted to open a brothel. Would I have to obtain a license which was difficult to get? Here are some of the things that I might do different to beat the competition:

  1. Let the workers, work more normal shifts. From what I’ve read on the subject many brothels almost require “marathon” shifts of more than 12 or even 24 hours. I might have a policy that someone could work as little or as much as they like.

  2. Offer lines of credit for regular customers. You can finance tires for your car at Firestone so why not sexual services (this would probably be subject to a credit check).

  3. I might employ gays and lesbians for same sex, sexual services. Also, I would try and cater to “niche” markets including people who liked older women (60+), heavier women, and even employ a few “little people” if they were available.

  4. I might consider setting up as an NPO and give a fixed amount to a worthwhile cause (that would accept the funds). For example we might make the beneficiary Riley’s or Denver’s Children hospital or perhaps the World Wildlife fund. This might help to attract employee’s to our place over others (cetaris paribus).

  5. We might offer video’s of the “event” for purchase to those customers who wished to have them.

  6. We might also film porn as an additional revenue stream with a significant portion of the profits going to the actors (unlike alot of professional porn where I understand that the actors get paid very little).

  7. We would pay a relatively high commission split with the workers at least 50 and maybe up to 75%. I might also create an ESOP making up to 49% of the companies stock available to workers.

Is this an impossible dream? Is the market saturated or do there exist difficult legal (or non legal) thresholds to doing something like this?

Ewwww. Anyway, here’s a bump. Have you approached your banker with a business plan yet? Maybe you could raise additional capital selling seats for the meeting. :wink:

Where’s the discount coupons, the frequent flyer miles and the combo deal with cell phone service? Will you be offering drive thru or home delivery?:smiley:

“Sir, would you like to super-size that?”

From what I’ve heard about Nevada brothels, you’re going to run into some problems.

First off, starting any “vice” based business is a challenge. Despite the theoretical legality, there will be community resistance to any new businesses which expand on the existing market. This is a factor for bars and strip clubs, it’ll be much greater for brothels.

Nor will your potential colleagues welcome new competition. And some of these guys play rough. There was a “war” between brothel owners in Nye County in which at least one person ended up dead.

Then, if you do manage to open for business you’re going to have some problems. The sexual acts that can be legally sold in Nevada are restricted. One restriction is only female prostitutes and only male customers (so no gay and lesbian trade).

Another thing is that the brothel itself isn’t selling the sex. The prostitutes sell the sex and set their own prices; the brothel collects a set fee and commissions for being the legal place where these sales occur. So you’d have to get the women to agree to your pricing ideas.

I’m not sure about the legality of the video plans.

There was an HBO (IIRC) documentary on Nevada brothels that might give some insight if you can find it on DVD. I remember the stipulation about only male customers being specifically touched on.


You could have weekly specials, like red-head-tuesday. Or maybe a volume discount where you charge by the pound…

Let me suggest an alternative:

Buy a cruise ship and sell tickets for a 12 hour cruise from New York City into international waters and back. You’ll have some problems with port authoritiy regulations but a good team of lawyers might be able to get around those.

Maybe you caould start small with a cabin cruiser and work your way up.

What do you think?

Yeah, but I remember that documentary too (heh, I even taped it) and in one scene a woman and a man couple came in, each picked a girl, and they went off to separate rooms.

There was a joke about the, um, worker, teaching the man better oral techniques, because she apparently really REALLY impressed the wife.

I haven’t watched it in a while, but I remember that scene vividly. That’s not to say that what happened there was legal…but I am certain that a woman went off with a female sex worker, while her husband enjoyed the services of another female sex worker.

I assumed since they did it so brazenly, it was legal in Nevada.