Are there any 24 encores?

I missed yesterdays episode of 24 and failed to record it or have someone else do it. I thought they used to encore it on FX or something a day or two later, but I can’t find any listing at TVGuide. Anyone know what the deal is, or could it be that the encore just got pre-empted for some reason during this holiday week? Maybe I’ve been dreaming the encores up all along.

It used to be rebroadcast on FX on Monday nights, but I just checked their listings and I don’t see it. Great … now I’m nervous!

I don’t think they’re doing it this year. We get one shot at each episode.

So are you trying to tell me that I’m screwed?

Far be it from me to suggest something slightly nefarious, but I’m sure if you used Google you could find a Bit of a Torrent of options for watching 24.

cough Mr. Subtle

Hmmm, I love puzzles :wink: However I may try something liter. Never occured to me that industrious individuals would seek to record these shows on their computer for their own personal uses.