Are there any Dopers in or from Ipswich?

There is a soon-to-be disappeared spam thread in ATMB that was selling used “display” kitchens from a local shop in Ipswich, England, and I would like to know if anybody here was the target audience. If you are in or from a 50 km radius of the place, please respond. :smiley:

I live maybe 20 miles away. It’s now one of those places best avoided.

Seems a strange thing to spam. Even stranger to admit one comes from Ipswich.

I think what happens is someone signs up for those SEO services whose “service” consists of spamming random message boards, comment sections and Youtube.

I live very close to Ipswich, MA. But I suppose that doesn’t count. Now I want fried clams!

There was something similar from another UK firm a day or two ago. I left some constructive feedback on the company contact page.