Cool or not - refer Dopers to another forum?

Hello, I’m new here and this is really my first forum or message board that I’ve joined and am becoming active on. So far I’ve enjoyed my time here and have learned a lot, trying to fight my own ignorance. I don’t know the protocols and conventions, and am learning - maybe not quickly enough.

Yeah yeah, tell me to read the rules, I know.

My specific question now has to do with some Dopers asking about information in a specific geographical area (pub crawling in Salt Lake City, things to do in Poughkeepsie NY, moving to Myrtle Beach SC), and I’ve referred them to a resource that I’ve found particularly helpful, the City-Data Forums. Is this cool to do? Is it uncool to do?

I think it is cool since it gives a more focused group of people to ask their question. Need info about Salt Lake City? Why not ask in a place where most people either live there currently or have in the past? I’m not trying to send Dopers away from here, I’m trying to give them another option for good information.

So, what say ye? Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen that specific site linked here several times. As long as you’re not trying to drive business to another site, it’s cool.


But we try to avoid “board wars”, so don’t link to specific posts or cross link from there to here in such a way as to invite criticism of that boar or this. What’s even better, to be ulta cautious, is to inform about the site in such a way that it’s not an actual link, but that invites other posters to search for the site and find it indirectly.

Thanks guys, and I’m definitely not trying to drive business from here to there. I see the forum scopes being so very different, and point taken about the board wars, John Mace - and I’ll be sure to not enter into or promote such activity.

It’s fine to provide links to other sites for information, we’re all about the spread of knowledge.

Restrictions on links from the Registration Agreement:

And there’s a “two click” rule about links to stuff that’s not safe for work. See: What links are permitted? What’s “workplace safe”?

It generally is a good idea to look over the FAQ (which includes Rules and Etiquette), even if you don’t read them all in detail: