Are there any good online game sites out there?

What I actually mean is are there any that don’t have all that downloader crap on them! I like a good game of Text Twist on now and then, and used to play Bookworm on, but lately I’ve gotten warnings about downloaders for them from Macafee; hell, the last couple of times I tried to play online at popcap, I couldn’t!

Most of the time, I’d rather just play online than download (and pay for) a game. I do like bigfishgames, they have a fairly nice selection of online games. has a huge selection of games, but I don’t really like how they have them set up - you’ve got to go into a “room” to play the games now.

So, are there any decent online game sites left out there?!

Candystand? has reviews of online games. He tosses in a downloadable one every now and then, but it’s the best place I’ve found for finding new games on the Web.,,,

I go to I really like. I tend to go there when I’m bored and there is nothing else to do. And I don’t down load anything except the updated version of java.

Thanks for the replies and links, folks. I mostly like word games, but I’m not that great at some of them. I think I’ll give a shot. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I’ve been going to Popcap off-and-on for a long time and more frequently in the last couple of weeks. I use McAfee, and it hasn’t objected to anything, except possibly the very first time I downloaded Popcap’s plugin. I also use Ad-Aware and Spybot, and they haven’t found anything. Plus I’ve never seen any serious complaints about Popcap spyware or anything. So I think they’re okay.

If you can’t access them at all now, probably the last time you did you told McAfee to deny access. You have to go into McAfee somewhere to change that.

Or do the smart thing and 86 McAfee from your box entirely.

Seconded. Great gaming site.