What is YOUR FAVOURITE gaming site???

I’m new to the board, and have been reading through many of those posts and you seem like a pretty decent size of you enjoy gaming. I’ve happened upon a site that you might all enjoy. It’s called Planet42 and can be found at www.planet42.com. They also have a message board as well. Another site that isn’t fully finished but looks to be really cool is called GamersAlley ( www.gamersalley.com ), which is a site for a business that hasn’t opened yet in Massachusetts that is for online and LAN gaming head to head, face to face. Looks to be pretty cool. At least the graphics seem decent :slight_smile: Oh well, I look forward to posting again soon.

An always popular (but seemingly fading) site is Gamespot.com, who has been said to have biased reviews and slants on their articles. Not sure how accurate that is, and why people think that (aside from the fact that they seem to hate the X-Box…).

VGamin is also a pretty cool gaming site, but not your typical gaming site. Its hard to explain, much easier to just go there :slight_smile: http://www.vgamin.com/

Time to read some more posts here and some reviews from Planet42 and VGamin :slight_smile:


I like http://www.candystand.com/games/. There’s some pretty addictive free games there, and some damn good ones for just being simple Java apps. Some of my favorites: Billiards, Whiffle baseball, Field Goal challenge. (Warning: the computer pool player is the greatest billards player the world has ever known).

The General Questions forum is for questions with factual answers. The In My Humble Opinion forum is for opinion polls and surveys, so I’ll move this thread over there.

I’ve just recently come across the site http://www.itsyourturn.com which has chess, checkers, backgammon, battleship (called battelboats), connect four (called stack4) and some other games. It’s been fun so far, but it can take a while to play a game.



I generally check out www.bluesnews.com daily for a general PC-gaming roundup.

I also check out www.oldmanmurray.com every couple months to see if they’ve updated, and usually find out the answer’s still “no.” :slight_smile:

Sorry 'bout that Biblio…I’m still new to the site :slight_smile: I’m liking it a lot though :slight_smile: very cool :slight_smile:

www.gamespot.com, www.ign.com, www.gia.com, www.avault.com, and the absolute best, find just about anything, and seperate message board for every single computer and console game: www.gamefaqs.com

sorry, commas messed up the first three links. man, this has not been an error free day on the dope for me. :o

Great head to head java games, including awesome Minigolf.
Be careful, some of these guys and gals are really, really good.


For a casual gamer such as myself, http://www.game-revolution.com offers a good blend of depth and humor. I haven’t devoted a whole lot of time to searching out good sites, so I’m sure there are more thorough sites out there, but the Mailbag alone at Game Revolution is worth the visit.

I like www.gamespy.com and www.gonegold.com and I usually check Gamespot and IGN daily.

www.popcap.com and www.gamehouse.com have all the free games I can handle right now.

Nobody told me to open this thread, so I’ll have no one else to blame when I get fired for playing on the 'net.

My favorites are http://www.netives.com and http://www.popcap.com . Also, this site has links to almost every gaming site I know.

I LOVE Netives!! ISHOULDBEWORKING.com rocks too! I think they used to have a web cam for a DMV up in Anchorage Alaska…it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen…place was ALWAYS packed! LOL :slight_smile: Gamehouse.com looks pretty sweet too…I haven’t seen any site (Gamespot somewhat does, but doesn’t really compare) that does a Game Deal thing like Planet42.com does…they somehow get really decent prices on their stuff. I’m always looking for the best price on games (if I have to buy them ;)) and they have this link through their site to this 48 hour madness thing…you buy games at an awesome rate…they post it for 48 hours until new deals…for example, i bought Command and Conquer: Renegade for $19.97 from them…without the booklet. Who cares though, I can always get that on the 'net :wink: This is what I’m talking about :slight_smile: if anyone else finds something similar to this, lemme know!!! :slight_smile:

If you like game Emulators (like playing Nintendo’s Friday The 13th on your computer!!!), an awesome place is EmulaMaster.com :slight_smile: Very cool stuff :slight_smile: EBGames.com is pretty sweet as well :slight_smile:

Oh wow…Gamespot has started charging for content!!! Can you believe that? Would anyone here want to pay to read a game review?