Best Of The Web

The internet is great but, great sites are few and far between. What are some of the best sites that others may not know about?

I really love to play Scrabble, so when someone told me about PLAY SITE , it felt like getting a really good deal on a great pair of shoes.

Snopes :cool:


neisha :wink:

The Smoking Gun

I could waste days at these sites alone.

The Drudge Report

Loop One of many great games at How about this game of dots? Or this version of Paint by Number. Sadly they don’t make pictures, just abstract patterns. :frowning:

Movie Mistakes is one of several movie sites I visit regularly along with Coming Attractions and The Movie Spoiler.

Libertarian Party

My sister, LISA’s site


File Nexus

The Weird Places!!!
Kooks Museum
The Morgue - Internet Crime Archives
Bad Science
The American Spectator
News of the Weird
The History Net
Hardware Central
Computer Stupidities
Autotrader Online
Associated Press Breaking
National Review Online
Jewish World Review
Imperial Japanese Navy Page
The Skeptic’s Dictionary
The Crime Library
Energy Information Administration

Those are some pretty good ones, Ringo.

> Popbitch
> Need to know
> Ormondroyd’s reports
> Alistapart
> A c— compendium (language unsuitable for work surfers)

I also have three years’ worth of link lists that I’ve found interesting at my own site.

Internet Bumper Stickers
The Onion
The Movie Answer Man
The Movie Answer Man
Unsolved Mysteries (just watch out for some folks on there–it’s kind of a new agey site but interesting)
Free Open Diary
I’m Not a Duke (my personal site :smiley: )


Eric does an Emotion

Urban Legends Reference Page


In the past, I’ve tried to register to post on Unsolved Mysteries but, it never works.

Another good site for board games is Flip Side . WordOx is a lot of fun.