Need downloadable games for MIL

I was just asked if I could put a few games on my in-law’s computer. They (the in-laws) a lot of fun, but somehow I don’t think they’d appreciate Half-Life or Age of Empires. In fact, about all I have to go on is that she liked what sounded like a breakout clone that may have had the word “aqua” in the title. I figured the best thing I could do would be to go get one of those bargain game collections of the 100-games-on-one-CD variety and hope for the best.

I’m posting here because we’re seeing them tomorrow and I’ll be dropping off the machine – so there’s no time to do anything but download. But… but… but (A) what do I download, and (B) where do I download it from? I know the net must be chock full of things like this (i.e., in the 10-20 dollar range for a small collection of basic games), but since I don’t shop for games all that often, I have no idea where to begin or what sites to trust–I just cleaned off an absurd amount of spyware and don’t want to begin anew, so, any suggestions?



Are they going to have the internet?
I enjoy games from & but they’re mostly online-only Flash-based games.
There are probably some downloadable ones there.

They have limited Internet access, so I’m hoping to find something I can pay for/download and be done with it–the equivalent of walking into a store and buying a CD so they can play it off line.

If I was working with a business application I could go to the corp. site, download the “trial” version, then pay for a key – that’s pretty much what I’m hoping to do here.

I recommend things like Drop, Zuma, Bookworm and maybe Mah Jong or a Jigsaw puzzle. I believe you can download a set of jigsaw puzzles to have on your computer, but I can’t recall where. ETA: Places like Wal-Mart sell Zuma and Drop for about ten dollars, too.

You could try BigFish Games (which I can’t link to because the work servers don’t allow surfing to known game sites). It has many, many downloadable games for not to unreasonable prices, including Bejewelled.