Are there any oral options that work similar to bisacodyl suppository?

I’ve used generic bisacodyl suppository (Dulcolax) for many years. They stimulate quickly and still get a firm stool. But, they do make hemorrhoids sting. I’ve found only using a half suppository works as well and doesn’t sting as much.

I’m thinking about trying an oral option. bisacodyl pills or something similar. Dulcolax has a soft chew that looks interesting.

I’ve been frustrated by pills before. They didn’t work until the next morning (when I need to leave for work) and the result was liquid.

Anything out there that just stimulates without creating a ***geyser?

***I tried Milk of Magnesia one time. OMG never again.

Tried Metamucil for three weeks, that wasn’t a firm stool and makes me fart too much.

This site give a good oversight of the various laxatives and how to adjust gradually so laxatives are rarely required. That will require diligence and patience.

I’ll read that link and see if it can help. Guess the years are catching up with me.


Bisacodyl comes in a pill form, 5mg I believe. Look for brand name Dulcolax or Correctol.

Over the counter, too.


Thank you Mean Mr Mustard.