Are there any products or brands to which you are absolutely loyal?

I began wondering this this morning as I put on my Gillette ClearGel antiperspirant. It’s a product I’ve been using since high school, and I refuse to buy anything else. After giving it some thought, I only managed to come up with a handful of other items I use or consume regularly for which there are no substitutions IMHO:

[li]Gillette Mach 3 razors[/li][li]Coke[/li][li]Apple computers[/li][/ul]

Guess I’m not as much of a brand whore as I thought. So, where do your brand loyalties lie?

Suave care products, like shampoo, soaps and lotion. Low prices and they’re good products.

Newman’s Own foods. Great food and Paul Newman donates the money to charity.

Ozarka bottled water. I like the label. Don’t ask me why.


That’s it. I live on Diet Dr Pepper – but drink whatever’s available in restaurants (i.e., don’t care whether it’s Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi).

Mr. Clean. I realize that other products clean just as well, but they don’t have the same smell, and it if doesn’t smell the same, then it doesn’t work as well. Yes, I’m strange.

Windex. Nothing else works the same.

Pantene hair products. Nothing else makes my hair feel good.

Ajax with bleach. Cleans anything.

Huggies diapers for babies. I’ll use any cheap diapers for my toddler, but Huggies really do stop leaks and fit comfortably on a little baby.

And I’ll second that on the Gillette Mach 3. I finally got the girl version (Venus? Can’t remember the name of it), and I still like my SO’s Mach 3 better.

Evian bottled water. (The small 20 oz bottles) I have small hands and the bottles fit very comfortably. I actually prefer the taste of Deer Park bottled water, but the bottles aren’t as comfortable.

OB Tampons - I like not having to deal with a bunch of extra packaging and they’re very discreet.

Arm & Hammer toothpaste - I love the baking soda & peroxide much better than a sickening minty or cinnamon taste.

Like the OP, I also only use Gillette ClearGel deoderant (I alternate between two scents…I forget the names, but one has green writing and the other has blue.)

I also use Gilette Mach 3 razors. The compnay really has a great gimick going (or at least did when I got my razor.) They send every teen boy in America a free razor when they turn 18 (how they get a list of teen boys I don’t want to know.) Obviously, everyone will at least try it, and if they like it, they’re hooked, and the baldes cost a lot. I heard a comedian do a bit about them once.

“When did razor blades becoem more expensive then gold? You know they were in a meeting and were like, 'how bout we charge $1 a blade?” And some other guy is like , “how ‘bout $20’?”

I’m also loyal to Pop Tarts. No other toaster pastry tastes good. Also A1. Every other steak sauce I;ve had tastes like crap. Always Save pickles. It is the cheapest of the cheap and is only found in Price Choppers. It’s actually cheaper than the store brand, but admn, they are the best tasting pickles I’ve ever had! And they are $1 a jar! Not $3!

Tampax - They’re comfortable and I dont get any leaks or spotting. Plus they can hold up extraordinarily well in tough situations.

Old Spice - I love the scent. So I use the deodorant, also because it doesn’t have anti perspirant. I’ve heard way too many stories of anti perspirant giving women breast cancer, and I don’t see much point in it anyway… human beings sweat, its just normal.

Kraft dinner brand macaroni – no-name stuff tastes like crap. But I hardly ever eat macaroni and cheese anymore since I left college and got a job and stuff.

Miracle whip – “real” mayonnaise smells funny and tastes too ‘eggy’ for me. Bleh.

Victoria’s Secret - it’s the only place I’ve ever been able to find bras that are comfortable. No matter how they feel in the dressing room, any bra not from Vickie’s has poked or bunched or done something not good as soon as I start actually wearing it. Also, they last longer than cheaper brands, and you can get them at serious markdowns during the semi-annual sales.

Other than that, not a whole lot that I can think of.

I’m with Warrior Slashclaw on the Kraft Mac & Cheese. There is no substitute.

I will drink another brand of cola only if Coke is unavailable.

Also a fan of the Mach 3 razor–the blades are actually worth the money, I think.

Playtex tampons, nothing better.

Crest toothpaste. Ever since I was a kid.

I know there’s more. I’m so damn picky. I’m just unable to think of them right now.

Herbal Essences shampoos and Dove soap are really the only two I can think of. :dubious:

Ford Automobiles. (I am on my 6th and have never owned another maker, probably never will), I agree with the Q-tips thing, all the other swabs are flimsy, Pepsi cola, Dell computers, Hellmans Mayo, Aussie hairspray, Colgate toothpaste, Sauve professional brand conditioners. Lair du Temp perfume.

Thanks for allowing me to be a “guest” in your “home”

Degree antiperspirant, QTips, Tampax, Pantene shampoo/conditioner, Coke (though my BF is slowly breaking down my resistance on that one). Other than those, I’m generally pretty open about trying different brands–I may stick to one or another out of habit, but if I have to go with another brand I don’t really care.

Apple computers
DeWalt power tools (Porter Cable will do)
Delissio freezer pizza
Silk soymilk

That Mach 3 is mighty popular. No wonder I have trouble finding replacement blades!

I also require Peter Pan crunchy peanut butter. All the other brands taste too much like peanuts, and not like peanut butter. (I know, weird.) I’ll go without before I’ll eat Jif or Skippy.

I noticed a mention of A1 steak sauce; I was barely even aware there were other brands, because I zoom in on the A1. I shudder to think what the competitors’ stuff tastes like. It would never occur to me to try them.

Root beer- A&W
Cigs- Nat Sherman natural mint
Wine- Chianti

Scott toilet tissue - I hate two ply TP & Scott just lasts longer

Lever 2000 soap

Kraft macaroni and cheese

Starkist tuna

Hmmmm, that may actually be it for brand loyalty.

Apple computers (enough said)

K2 skis (probably just orneriness, I know)

Technica ski boots (the only comfortable boots I’ve ever worn)

Best Foods (aka Hellman’s) mayonnaise (light is OK, non-fat is disgusting)

Hebrew National hot dogs (discovered thanks to my GF, who will eat nothing else)

Crunchy Cheetos (not puffed–blech)

Subaru (I may have other cars, but I will always have a Subaru)

Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops (nothing else like them)
There are probably more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

Kraft Mac and Cheese
Playtex Tampons
Old Style Beer
Marlboro Cigarettes
Quilted Northern TP
Purina Dog Chow (for Dog2U - not me)
Milkbone Meat Basted Dog Biscuits (Dog2U again)
Ball Park Hot Dogs
Pastorelli Pizza Sauce

Pantene shampoo/conditioner. I’ve been using it all my life and my hair and skin freaks out if I use any other kind.

Pepsi products. My friend’s dad works for Pepsi and since I’m over there quite often I’ll only drink Pepsi products now. Coke gives me a stomach ache anyway.

This is very true. I’ve been wearing them for about two years and any other shoe feels strange.