Are There Any "Trumpists" Left In Trump Administration?

Seriously, Bannon is gone. Who’s left in Trump’s inner circle? General Kelly, Jared, Ivanka, Gary Cohn, McMaster…

Anybody there who gives a damn about immigration or protectionism? Any devout Christians? Heck, anybody who’s been a Republican for more than 2 years?

Congratulations, white supremacists! While you’ve been chanting “Jew will not replace us,” the West Wing has been taken over by a coalition of generals and New York Jewish Democrats! Trump himself doesn’t actually want to do anything, much less run the country- he’s happiest tweeting insults and yelling at Fox News.

The Pentagon is essentially ignoring Trump. The entire federal government is. They know an incompetent brat is nominally in charge, but they’re carrying on as if he weren’t (after all, he lacks the attention span to do anything about it).
Nothing Trump fans dreamed of or Antifas feared will ever happen. There’s nobody left in the West Wing who wants it to.

Trump needs to fire himself…


No, really.

While previous Presidents took substantial policy input from from the West Wing of the White House, Trump has found better sources: Breitbart, Fox News and Twitter.

The Neo-Nazi/KKK crowd doesn’t need active support from the federal government. All they need is a government that’s willing to look the other way while they do what they want. And they’ve got that.

They’re playing to Trump’s strengths. Avoiding work is his natural inclination.

The Vice President of the United States jump to mind. Also the Attorney General.

Trump hates his Attorey General and is trying to force him to resign.

Well, that fascist fraud Gorka is still “advising” Trump. And lets not forget that piss-ant Steve Miller. Conway is still peddling alternative facts and stroking Trump’s ego. All three are huge Trump arse lickers.

I sincerely hope their days, if not hours, are numbered.

Every time you start this thread you seem to think it’s really important to emphasize that Trump knows a lot of Jews.

Why is that?

Then there’s this gem of post.

Trump is the biggest Trumpist and he’s still in the White House.

And it’s always been a question who is a Trumpist besides Trump. Trump surprisingly won the primaries by attracting populist/nationalist types similar to Bannon, but what does Trump actually care about that particular kind of idea, or any idea, hard to say. Trump’s gut reaction to stuff does seem to match the populist/nationalist like Bannon more than not, but maybe Trump is part Bannonite rather than Bannon and company being Trumpists.

Pence is a Christian conservative who is also an across the board traditional Reaganite conservative for the most part. He has hitched his wagon to Trump personally but if he’s a Trumpist so is Paul Ryan, and if so what’s new about Trumpism? Likewise if Ivanka is a Trumpist then elite NY Democrats generally are Trumpists because that’s basically her world view. No, she likewise supports Trump for personal reasons, trying to pull him in her (and Kushner’s) direction.

Sessions is probably the most major remaining Trumpist in the admin in any other sense than ‘somebody willing to work for Trump’. And Trump seems to have forgotten to fire him. But as long as he’s there he’s in a pretty influential position. There are some more minor people in the WH who might qualify too like Gorka and Stephen Miller.

Basically Trump is Trump* and going to do what strikes his fancy at a given moment, subject to his limited attention span, some new feud or other distraction popping up, and lack of interest from GOP Congress in most particularly ‘Trumpist’ things. Where their and Trump’s interests overlap is in traditionally conservative stuff they’d like to do (on taxes, etc) and where Trump just wants ‘wins’ and will sign whatever, if anything at all, they can pass.

*the mirror image of which will be Trump haters seeing whatever he does as evil Trumpism. For example in this speech on Afghanistan he’ll probably announce a troop increase. That might not be a good idea, but it isn’t the isolationist tendency of the populist/nationalist ‘movement’ Bannon talks about.

The only reason the Left will do better under Trump than expected is because the Republicans only have a limited edge in the House and Senate and there are a few Republicans who aren’t crazy. As to anything being left-wing in Trump’s philosophy think about the 40% proposed cut in domestic programs. I doubt if any of the other Republican candidates except Rand would have been this extreme.

IMO the OP’s various posts as cited make two points.

  1. The anti Semitic wing of the white supremacists has so far been sold a bill of goods by Trump and is more or less getting the opposite of what they wanted.
  2. And this is terrible; terrible I say <insert barely plausible crocodile tears>.

He’s almost entirely correct on point #1. On point #2 it’s hard to know whether he really likes the fact the anti-Semites have been duped, or whether he’s hoping like heck they’ll wake up soon and demand that their agenda actually get enacted. Which demands Trump will belatedly awaken to and actually do something about.
My overall take on the OP’s question (distinct from the OP’s opinions above) is much like Corry El’s. “Trumpism” is a lot like Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass-ism: it means exactly and whatever (s)he most recently said it means.

Given that, it’s hard to imagine what being a Trumpist might mean for an underling except being a simple yes-man, willing to unquestioningly do whatever bidding the Great Man might order today.

If the OP can define what he thinks “Trumpism” is, then maybe we can identify the Trumpists of that sort within the administration.

What the heck is “Trumpism”?

If it means anything at all, it means someone who doesn’t hold orthodox Republican positions on a few issues. So, doesn’t give a shit about religion except to manipulate the rubes. Economic nationalism, willing to talk about protecting US industry against the evil foreigners. Against military adventurism, hates foreigners but loves foreign dictators. Build the wall. And have an aggressive personal style that’s orthogonal to any policy positions, but makes the rubes feel the winning.

If that’s Trumpism, there never were any Trumpists in the inner circle except Bannon. All the others are either family retainers, conventional big business/religious right Republicans who think they can work with Trump, or Machiavellian sycophants who don’t have any agenda beyond personal advancement.

Bannon was the only real alt-right figure in Trump administration who wanted to do something other than bog standard tax cuts for free-trade Jesus Republicanism.

And is Trump himself a “Trumpist”? No, no he isn’t. He’s willing to sign anything Congress puts in front of him. And he doesn’t give a shit about the issues, the only thing he cares about is feeding his own ego by standing on stage at a rally, or getting into a 4AM twitter fight, or watching people talk about him on Fox News.

Expecting anything different is delusional. Trump is Trump, he ain’t gonna change now. He doesn’t care at all about policy, the only thing he cares about is the showbiz. Give him something to rant about and he’s happy as a pig in mud. But policy only matters as fodder for the psychodrama, it’s utterly irrelevant in and of itself.