Are there exercises that will help with snoring

I know playing the Didgeridoo has been found in preliminary studies to help with moderate sleep apnea and/or snoring.

However have there been other studies on exercises that can help with snoring by strengthening muscles in the upper airway and throat?

A study in 2005 linked a reduction in snoring with regular and structured singing practice. A quick google on singing and snoring will provide links.

From personal experience, any program that increases overall fitness will also reduce snoring, with or without weightloss (but losing weight helps immensely).


Any exercise will.

The majority of snoring is among overweight people, so any exercise that results in loosing weight will help reduce snoring.

I’ve heard the digeridoo helps.


  • Breathing exercises (very expensive breathing exercises) with a bit of added woo woo (I did the course because of panic/hyperventillation problems - they claimed that by doing the techniques I could be cured of my depression :dubious:)
    The first thing they get you to do is sleep with tape over your mouth forcing you to breath through your nose while you sleep (next comes drinking large amounts of sea salt in water - yetch) this actually helped mum’s snoring so she still does it (the tape not the salt yetch).