Are there online email systems that let you put pictures into emails like Outlook does?

If I’m using Outlook, I can Insert a Picture right in the middle of a message.
The online systems I’ve tried make you attach it.
In Outlook I can actually copy and paste a chunk of my web page into a letter and
it appears a lot like on my web page (margins and spacing odd, but mostly the same)

I want to put all my mail online so I can reach it from any computer, but I hate to give up embedded pictures.

I was looking at Gmail Labs the other day, and IIRC they have a widget that allows you to use inline images.

I just c&p’ed an image right into a gmail message. And I loaded up yahoo, and did the same thing.

What online systems were you referring to?

Munch how did you copy and paste an image into gmail. It does not work for me using IE, chrome or firefox.

I right-clicked an image I wanted to use, went into a gmail message, and hit Cntl-V. I’m checking my settings to see if I have anything fancy in place, but I doubt it.

IE7 is my browser of non-choice here at work.

Huh - there’s a GLabs feature called “Inserting Images” and I even had it disabled.

What’s your “Outgoing message encoding”? Mine’s set to default.

Strange, that does not work for me. I can paste the image in other places but not gmail. IE 7 is what I have as well.

Wow, I guess I was doing it wrong.
Cut and paste still fails for me, but I just got stuff into Yahoo mail with drag and drop. (I’m on Firefox 3 and the image I tested was in another Firefox tab. I’d never thought to drag across tabs before, but it works. Just have to be patient until the drop tab displays. )

So thanks, I’m now free to switch to online, with occasional backups to hard disk, rather than the other way around.

Huh. At the top of your text box when you’re writing a message, does it have a bunch of formatting icons (bold, italics, size, etc.)? There should be an icon of a picture. That’ll work as well, and pull in an image from your computer or URL.

I did not have such a thing until I hunted for it in the google labs section of settings. I can however drag images like Never Say Dice just mentioned.

So, anybody know if it can be done in Thunderbird?

You need to have rich text formatting enabled for that, perhaps that’s your problem. There’s a link on the left above the text field to do that.

Pretty sure Thunderbird does this: