Is there an on-line email system that works like Outlook?

Specifically, I want to send emails where I can put pictures in the middle of the
message, instead of only as attachments.
I’ve tried Gmail and Yahoo and Hotmail, but none have that feature.

I hate using Outlook because all my mail ends up on my work computer and I can’t read it from my laptop at home.

My email is hosted by who claimed it had full online editor,
but it had so many bugs I couldn’t use that either and went back to reading it from Outlook.

Anybody do that?
I love to send pictures and cartoons in the middle of my letters to people, and
attachments turn fun letters into work for the recipient.

Sounds like you need to reconfigure your Outlook account from POP to IMAP. That way you could read all your mail from anywhere.

You can insert pictures in Gmail.
Instructions are here:

Mozilla has Thunderbird. You can also try the new Yahoo mail interface (similar to Tbird and Outlook.) There’s a link on the top somewhere.
However, integrating work and home email is a pain for all types of email except for web-based.

Depending on the mail reader your recipient uses, there’s no guarantee that they’ll see your images inline like you intended.

Thanks. I tried it and it didn’t work at all. But it pointed me to the answer.
Drag and drop failed outright, and there was no “Insert Image button”.

But googling “gmail Insert Image” got me to instructions to their beta test features.
Under Gmail settings you find the cryptic heading “Labs” and in there you can turn on the option. It’s considered officially unsupported but working fine.

So I think I’ll do gmail for a while and see if I can live with its quirks.
It has features I hate like combining emails into “conversations” that seem like more work to use. But they give you so much free “cloud space” for free that it’s likely I’ll switch to it.

Telemark -
You are right that some people don’t get images. My son can’t get them with Hotmail. But my company, and my daughter on Yahoo mail can get them, so that’s
what I like to do.

Superhal -
I don’t see any image button on the Yahoo new email message form.
If you use this, please post again. I’d rather use yahoo if I could get the images
because it’s a lot less quirky than gmail is.

Superhal -

I just figured it part of it out. My problem with Yahoo mail was that it doesn’t work well with FireFox browser.
Pictures get converted to the “spaceholder” symbol.
But using Internet Explorer, I can drag and drop (not cut and paste) into the Yahoo message,
but only from other websites, not my own picture files.

And it did something strange. I copied a cartoon and yahoo shrunk it to 1/4 the size in the window, which is how it arrived at the destination. But if you downloaded that part of the message independently, then it reappeared full size.

They sure do make it hard work to get email through!

We’ve had email since Arpanet and there is still no standard apparently.
And no one seems to consider WYSIWYG. Why is this concept still a problem this many decades later?

Sure there’s a standard. Emails are plain-text ASCII documents which can have binary attachments.

Does your internet provider keep a copy of the email on its server? Can you log into your provider’s server to access your email from the laptop?

For example, Comcast stores one copy of the email on its server while the other copy goes to Outlook. When you are on the laptop, just log into Comcast website and read your email there.