Are there other products where engraving is common?

I can think of only a few products I would expect to see engraved- wedding bands, silver anniversary platters, trophies. That’s about it.

But noe I see this thread What did you have engraved on your iPod?

Is this really common? And on somthing so cheap and temporary (let’s face it, tomorrow it will be obsolete)

What’s up with that?

Flasks, lockets (jewelery in general), watches.

But what’s up with ipods? Was it a marketing gimmick? Where would they find all the stores to do it?

Knives can be engraved all kinds of ways including the regular gift type engraving. Engraving guns is a whole art form of its own. Metal key chains are also commonly engraved.

It’s not like this is some sort of rare service – Apple does it for free if you order directly from them or an Apple store.

It’s definitely a marketing gimmick, but it’s done with a computer-controlled laser-cutter and costs them virtually nothing.

As for my iPod, it’s got my name and email address. :slight_smile:

We have a store chain around here, Things Remembered, which engraves almost anything for a samll fee. It’s extra if you don’t buy the engraved item from them.

“…we’ll engrave gifts purchased elsewhere. No matter what the gift or where you purchased it, we can engrave the item for that extra, personal touch. Simply bring your item to any of our 600 nationwide mall locations and one of our experts will carefully engrave it.”

Most of the Zippo lighters that I have are engraved in one way or another.

6 replies and no mention of guns?

See post #4.

Engraving is very common on collar tags for dogs, cats, and other pets. That’s the first thing that came to mind.

As an employee of the above mentioned store, we engrave: jewelry (men’s and women’s), keychains, money clips, cufflinks, picture frames, albums, lighters, glassware, flasks, plates that get attached to all sorts of items, cake knives and servers, desk pieces (nameplates, business card holders, penstands) pens, trinket boxes, silver-plated banks, charms, knives, tools, wine bottles, earbuds, clocks, and so much more. We engrave a variety of items brought in to us (but don’t bring guns, because we’re not allowed to do them anymore) including but not limited to: Swords, frames, tools (lots of hammers) chef knives, toasters, medical equioment, flashlights, shovels, handcuffs, electronic devices from calculators to iPods, chunks of metal, machine parts, molds for plastic parts, urns (sometimes not empty), bar ware, and just about anything we can hold in our vise.

And many people do not consider their iPod disposable…they intend for their child to have it for a few years.

Seems to me that having your name and contact info permanently etched on something as transportable and highly valued as an iPod is a great idea. Especially when you’re going to be carrying the thing all over the place, increasing the chances that you might leave it somewhere. In fact, I think I’ll go get my cell phone engraved as soon as I can find a spare $40.