Are there still any $ online sites?

That about says it. Are there any sites where a U.S. citizen can play for money online? And, if so, are they safe?

As an average player with brown eyes, size nine feet, and a feral cat, how many thousands of dollars can I expect to make each week?

I don’t suppose the cat impacts the equation to a significant degree; but you never know, and she needs to eat, too.

I meant poker sites; if that wasn’t clear.

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Not that I am aware of. And I’m not so sure I’d want to know if there are.

DOJ has been pretty aggressive toward poker and financial sites - I figure it’s only a matter of time until they go after individual players, if there are any left able to play.

Full Tilt Poker has scammed its players to the tune of $440,000,000. Oops!

So perhaps the DOJ is/was correct in its aggressive stance towards these sites.

Fixed your post. I’m not aware of any other poker site that has screwed up this massively.

From the article:

Perhaps the article is badly worded, but the above does suggest that three sites (Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, and Poker Stars) are implicated in this, with Full Tilt being the one currently charged with the Ponzi accusations. Further research shows that the three sites have been shut down (for Americans) since April, but as of now, only the FT site is charged with the scheme.

So you may correct my post, but time will tell if the correction stands. As of now, PS does seem to be paying back its American gamblers, while the Full Tilt site couldn’t, which warranted the investigation.

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This previous thread on a related subject says

Isn’t that a pay-by-the-month deal?