Are there words that your fingers want to spell wrong?

There are a number of words that I keep finding my fingers typing wrong (only when typing, not if I hand write the words) - the error is consistent and it isn’t just sloppy spelling - I know how to spell them, but when I look at what my hands have typed, it’s wrong.

There are more, but the first two that spring to mind are:
Confusion - I even had to correct it when I typed it here - I know what I wanted to type, but my hands just wanted to spell it confuction.

Soul - again, even though I was really concentrating this time, it came out Sould, as usual.

My index fingers seem to race to get ahead of each other…Manchetser, Shcool, Cotnract, etc.

Consistently, the main one is “damn,” which almost inevitably comes out “dman.”

I’m guessing it’s a combination of two factors – one, I use it mostly in IM, so I don’t have as much practice with it as other words; and two, the “man” ending is pretty common, esp. since my last name ends in those three letters.

That Michigan city where the cars used to come from: Detriot.

I jsut cannot get my fingers to get the letters in the word jsut to be in the right order.

My #1 most frequent typo is ‘form’ when I mean ‘from.’

Sometimes when I go to type a word that starts with the same couple of letters as my name, my fingers automatically just finish my name.

a lot of times, I just “space bar” wrong. E.g., instead of writing “in the” I’ll write “int he”.

On a UNIX workstation I’m constantly doing a “more” on files but a quarter of the time type “mroe”, so much so that I’ve aliased the typo.

I do thes ame thing sometimes.

Last night I finally realized why I catch myself typing “play” when I mean “okay”. I wondered why on earth I’d confuse the two in my mind but I saw how close the keys were.

A couple come to mind immediately: univeristy and wroth (worth)

There’s one word I consistently screw up when hand writing checks: thrity. I’ll write a check for thrity three dollars.

I have several:

[li]Woudl and Shoudl instead of would and should. This happens EVERY time I type them.[/li][li]I also do “form” instead of from[/li][li]My own name (!): I type Toyn instead of Tony[/li][/ul]

the worst of it is when I have my auto-spell check review my emails and I mis-type in a way that reflects another real word (see “form”).

Y’know…instead of that AP Physics class in HS, I really should have taken typing. I also wish I would have taken Autos 1 instead of the Psych 2 class. Both would have been more useful.

For me it’s csutomer. A real pain in the kiester, considering i work in Tech Support and have to type that word a hundred times a day.

I do univeristy too, which is bad since I work at one, and often mail things to other univeristies, and I spell it wrong in the address labels. I even spelled it wrong when I first set up the AutoCorrect (I just type U now in Word)

And I thought I’d be the first to say “my own name”, which my fingers think is Vcotria.

and lucnh. Every time.

I almost cannot type “star” without typing “start” and erasing the last t.

**Are there words that your fingers want to spell wrong? **

Why, yes. Too many to name.

charector, I mean, character

Will they allow you to use “client” instead? Or “nimrod”?

I often sign things “Gweb” (bot my real name :wink: )

Washingotn when I lived in DC and had to type that a lot
Lebabon (bot the real name of a MidEast country :wink: )

I do this too. “our” and “your” are always swapped.

I’m always muddling up the short, similarly sounding words; be and me, an & and are the worst offenders.