What are your characteristic typos?

“Teh” is out as I think that’s very widespread. That one aside here’s my ever-increasing list, as of now:

  • need/been
  • from/form
  • anythign
  • somethign
  • transferring a last “e” to the next word (eg: th eworld)
  • achivements
  • survivng

One real oddity is that the Chrome spellchecker now recognizes anythign and somethign as correct spellings and doesn’t redline them! So they are the ones I miss correcting the most. I cannot find out how that happens and how to stop that.

Restaurant. I finally (like, within the last year) taught myself that it was “rest” and “aura.” Now it’s easy. But I used to have a helluva time spelling it.

I used to struggle when writing “remember” out longhand. For whatever reason I would write “rember.” I still have to pause and c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y spell it out so I don’t mess up.

I have a lag holding the shift key when capitalizing words when typing on a keyboard so more often than not I write things like “JAmes SMith of HEimlich COunty”. Oftentimes this doesn’t trigger spellchecker.

I wish there was a way to teach your spellchecker.

For me, it was the middle of “occasionally”. … aisi? assio? caisi?
I now say “Casio” to myself as I start the word.

Hte. Siad. I have macros to fix them automatically.

How do you do that? I’m always typing “jsut” and “adn”–pisses me off, too.

In Word, go into the settings, then proofreading, then autocorrect. There’s the option to enter the misspelling and correct it automatically.

(Doing this by memory; you may just have to Google autocorrect.)

“OK< thanks” is what happens when you still have the shift key down from typing the “K” as you hit the comma key. I do this so often it’s become almost a standard thing that the people I work with expect of me. If I typed “OK, thanks” they’d probably wonder if someone had hacked my email.

One specific one I make way often is typing “thought” when I mean “though”.

I did. It’s not “settings”; it’s “file”

Tge. (And more to please the nanybot.)

Alaksa, as in “I’m from Anchorage, Alaksa.”

I have the damndest time spelling snuggle correctly the first time. I usually spell it sngugle.

Back in my DOS days, I made *.bat files where the name was a common misspelling of a command. For example, if I often typed DRI instead of the correctly spelled command DIR, I’d make a file called “dri.bat” that did nothing other than run the DIR command.
I don’t remember any examples, but I know I had 4 or 5 of them, and I was really surprised when I found out a friend had been doing the exact same thing.

Also, my characteristic typo is separate. I have to look that word up every time (and firefox’s built in spellcheck is still awful).

Often times the words it chooses to replace the incorrect word aren’t even close to being correct and I end up either using Google to find the correct spelling (and then cut and pasting it in) or attempt to spell the word incorrectly differently hoping it’ll come up with the right spelling.

“Probable” always seems to want to come out as “probably.” There’s some kind of muscle memory working there where it automatically short circuits to “probably.”

I don’t have specific typos. I do the same thing I often do when I print. Type or print letters that are further along in the word, before I get there.

“Univeristy” and “Johnathan” for me.

I somehow contsantly swap s and t in words that have both. I have no idea how.

I have to work not to spell ‘stomache’ with an e at the end. Again, I have no idea why.

Spaces coming one character to oearly or tool ate is pretty common, too. That, I can understand.

‘does not’ is my nemesis - often typed as ‘doe snot’

Your career as an ENT vet doe snot come into it? :rofl:

I once read a report the author of which had a bad habit of typing “tubgoat” where he meant “tugboat”.

I found it so funny I still type “tubgoat” for “tugboat” on purpose, in informal notes and emails.