Your Own Favorite Typos?

Mine’s gotta be yopu (for “you”).

For some reason I’m not using the fingers on the keyboard correctly and when I try to type the word “you”, I invariably hit the p next to the o , and out comes that cute word “yopu”.

Sometimes I just leave it, especially when the e-mail’s written to my GF.

I love yopu, baby.

Heh-heh. :slight_smile:

Apparently it’s not taking a whole lot to amuse me today!


I was once executing a search for the word “donkey” for reasons that have long since been forgotten. My left hand however was shifted to the right one letter too far, and I ened up typing “fonkru.” This new word amused me.

I was showing off Christmas decorations in my house in a thread on another board, and typed “My wooden Satan in the fireplace” instead of “My wooden Santa in the fireplace”.

Unfortunately, I was caught and quoted before I could fix it :dubious: :smiley: .

I loose the last r in your about half the time. Not sure why, but that one is the champ, by a long shot. Of course my typing is bad enough that I generally use MS Word to edit my posts, and then cut and paste to the board. Trouble is, Word never notices the missing r in your, even in its so called grammar checker.



I often type “abou tit” instead of “about it”. Often, as in 99% of the time. I wonder what’s on my mind?

Same here, only in my case I lose it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found myself doing this twice lately. :smack:

I also added “acocunts” to the list of words Word should automatically correct. :o
::stands ready to accept the “overuse of smilies” citation

I write a lot of C++, and have a habit of leaving the “l” out of “public:”. It’s probably not my most common typo, but since it gets pointed out to me by the compiler or context-sensitive editor every time, I notice it more.

As for someone else’s, the best I’ve seen is “Chicken Human” on a Chinese restaurant menu. (Should have been “Chicken Hunan,” I think).

Yeah but what if you maokie a typo?

Something of a typo-turned-scam but a friend once started typing something to me on YIM, changed her mind and said ‘okies’ (as in ‘ok’). She hadn’t quite deleted her intended comment so i received ‘maokies’.

I asked what that meant and apparently it’s a Japanese word for mistake. I had no reason to doubt her and started using it as such. I kicked myself when she revealed it was a wind-up but we both still use the term maokies instead of typo. :smiley:

Not a common typo, but my favorite is still from a letter a co-worker wrote to Virginia Johnson Masters of the Masters and Johnson sex study fame. She left the third “i” out of Virginia. This was in Missouri where pronunciation is a little eccentric to begin with. Seems to me, the second “i” in Virgina would be a long “i”. I saw the typo only after the original letter had gone out.


My personal favorite is “doe snot” instead of “does not”. I’ve seen it here on the board and found it in a help box I created for a database application at work.

My favorite is doe snot.

The spell-checker doesn’t catch it. :wink:

I’ve been typing “Yu” instead of “You” lately when I type fast, and its getting annoying. I think I need to get my ‘O’ rings checked…

That’s got to be one of the most amazing simulposts in recent history, Doctor Jackson and AuntiePam.

I like “writing queers against the database”

I type “just a sex” far, far too often into instant messenger windows. Most people I’ve done it to are friends, thank heavens.

YES! Except for me it tends to be “gimme a sex”. Always embarrassing.

Damn. Freaky. Cool! :smiley:

Not mine but my girlfriend thought it was hysterical when I typed “High hells” instead of “High heels”.

My most common is to forget the space right before “the.” This gives me many cases of inthe, onthe, and tothe. “Adn” is also common for me as is “fmaily” which I use at work quite a lot.