Are these statistics correct? (Teen Sex)

I don’t know, but it sounds like Xian B.S. to me. Frightening if it is accurate…

These two stats:

when taken together means one of the below:
#1 is meaningless. What did the quote mean by “likely”.
#1 and #2 are contradictory. (1 in 4 has an STD, but 1 in 2 girls get an STD from one experience??)
– Both are correct and meaningful. All females get an STD, but none of the males do, making both stats correct.

In other words, these statistics make little sense.

What was the percentage of teens that told the turth about their sexuality?

The second one is is merely rewording the first.

In other words, Ludovic is right.

I’m disinclined to believe them, as neither their rendundancy and the fact that they came from an orthodox Christian* website screams “reliable” at me.

Another posibility: did it say anywhere that these statistics were for American teens? For all I know they could be completely true when discussing Rwandan teens.

*I’m not trying to imply that Christians are unreliable or untrustworthy, merely that religious texts aren’t always the best place to look for sexual information.

Homer J. Simpson writes: “One in five children above age twelve tests positive for hepres type 2.”

The makers of the herpes drug Valtrex claim on their website that 60 million Americans have herpes. That’s about one in five. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention corroborate that figure.
So in other words, the teenagers condemned in the stats Homer J. brought up have about the same prevalence of herpes as the general population: far from comprising their very own category of sluts and monsters, teens are very much a part of the larger culture. They are influenced by, and ultimately reflect, the population at large.
Perhaps next time, instead of scapegoating teens, the orthodoxytoday folks will look at STD’s as a problem that affects all of society.