Are they going to announce Castro's death today? [08-24-2007]

Well, there are enough people claiming his death on the internet every single week that somebody is going to get the scoop, albeit accidentally.

Y’know, when he actually does die, no one’s going to believe it.

Yah, this will be like that guy who changed the wikipedia entry for Chris Benoit on a total coincidence the same weekend his wife was murdered.

There are probably a ton of wiki-abuse going on that just always gets cleaned up without incident.

Maybe he’s been turned into a newt!

But he got better…


Right film, wrong scene. Think, “Bring out yer dead!”

I’m feeling a lot better…

Think I’ll go for a little walk.


Hey, my .sig!

Also, probably not dead.

I heard when he finally does, hes being replaced by Keith Richards!

Or something like that…

My thoughts exactly; he’s going to turn into a latter-day Elvis, with people reporting El Presidente sightings all over the world…

Either that or it will turn out that he’s running a concession stand by The Message. :wink:

Not that it sounds like anyone is really looking for information here, but the rumor in Cuba and in Miami is that Fidel took a turn for the worse two weeks ago and can no longer breathe on his own. Pretty bad situation for him, especially when you consider his age.

And now to add what I think is a little bit more reliable information, this email from someone who works at CIMEQ (Centro de Investigaciones Médico Quirúrgicas):

“Lo que si te puedo decir que es cierto es que el dia 12 de Agosto su servicio quirúrgico se puso en funciones de ‘urgencia’ y ahora se que fue una complicación que no se esperaba, una Peritonitis fecal secundaria a una perforación libre. Se le hizo reanimacion cardiovascular inmediata, se colocó fluido endovenoso en grandes dosis y se realizó una traqueostomia inmediata. En esas condiciones pasó al salón de operaciones, donde se le practicó una nueva cirugía, la sexta o la séptima (eso no lo tengo muy claro). Basicamente se le hizo un lavado exhaustivo de la cavidad abdominal y se le colocaron drenajes.”


“I can tell you that on August 12 his surgery team went on emergency alert, and I now know that it was an unexpected complication, a fecal peritonitis following a perforation. They performed an immediate cardiac resucitation, with lots of fluids intrvenously, and a traqueotomy. Under those conditions he was operated on, either the 6th or 7th surgery in the past year. They basically washed out his abdominal cavity and drains were placed.”

Fidel is no longer full of shit! :slight_smile:

Quite the opposite, he is so full of it that he needs extra assholes to get it all out.

He may not be dead, but it sure looks like his days of running Cuba are over.

If anyone intelligent was running the U.S., now would be a really good time to recognize Cuba, so we’d already have diplomatic relations in place when he finally kicks the bucket. My WAG is that when the time comes, we’ll find out it would have been helpful we’d already had an ambassador and embassy staff in place and on the job.

Gotta wait until after November 2008 and Florida’s electoral votes are at their least important.

Fidel dies, Raul takes over. I don’t see how having a U.S. embassy in Havana would change the course of that any. (When Raul dies it might be a different story.)

For all intents and purposes, there has been a US embassy in Havana for years.

Oh, the hypocrisy!. I wasn’t aware of this.

Still, I think this would be a good moment for the US to resume formal relations with Cuba without much loss of face. They really need to be better prepared for the short term of Raul and his eventual death.

I expect Raul to be a lot more practical and less ideological than Fidel. The US would better serve themselves being present and open about it. I think.

Fascinating! I had no idea that our State Department manned a quasi-embassy in a country that the rest of us are supposed to stay away from.

Things will likely change in Cuba considerably faster under Raul than they have under Fidel, and it might not even be under Raul for all that long. The less we continue to treat Cuba like an enemy, and the more we take advantage of the opportunity (with what’s already de facto post-Fidel Cuba) to normalize economic relations, allow free travel, and maybe even offer some economic aid, the more likely Raul and his first successors will be to be willing to at least listen to us.