Are those miners trapped in Chile getting paid overtime?

Does anyone know?

They might not get paid at all.

According to this, they’re not being paid at all.

The union is claiming that they won’t be paid at all:


That claim rings a little bit hollow at the moment, but it is probable that the company won’t have money to pay their wages. It seems like it is a relatively small mining company, and I’d imagine with their major mine out of commission and the enormous expense of the rescue that they are essentially bankrupt.

So far no one is stepping up to pay these guys.

Boy, they sure love their women in Chile. Some of the miners have several mistresses. They got some splaining to do when they gets home. :wink:


eta - :eek: Folks are typing fast this morning. Never mind then.

This story has Hollywood movie written all over it. The concern is making sure all the trapped miners get compensated fairly.

Assuming the rescue goes smoothly these guys should be well paid by any movie deal.

I hope the media spectacle won’t be too over whelming for these men. Media frenzy is going to explode when they actually get out.

had previously heard same as above

seems complicated now, article here


"On Friday, representatives of the Underground Mine Workers Union appeared at the mine to announce that they were giving each of the trapped miners $13,000. An international fund to support the miners had collected $750,000. "

Still a crummy deal, but better than nothing.

I understand they have the Alive! survivors giving the miners encouragement. I’m not sure that I would find that helpful.

After four months, they won’t have much meat on 'em. Maybe good for haggis.

As long as it’s just encouragement they’re giving, rather than, say, culinary advice.

I wonder if their bosses are telling them “Time to lean, time to clean. You’re not gonna get paid for sitting around down there.”

their wait is shrinking. a 12 inch hole is through, which is to be enlarged to 28 inches for the extraction.