Good news story: two miners rescued after a fortnight trapped underground


This story has been absorbing Australia for a fortnight now, ever since the miners were trapped 1km underground at a mine in Beaconsfield in Tasmania on Anzac Day (25 April).

Sadly one other miner was killed in the accident, but it’s really good news to see the other two rescued safely.


This story’s been in the news in the Bay Area, too.

I like this part:


all right!!!

I read the Thread title as

And I wondered what the Hay-Hoo was good about it.

Glad to hear about the happy escape of the two non-mimes.

Most amazing to me is that the Ozzie story makes no mention that they had any food or water during the ordeal. (They had to get along for 5 days on ONE granola bar and water condensed off rocks – before heat sensors found them, then a shaft was sunk and supplies lowered down.)