Are we at Trump’s tipping point?

I feel like Republicans are finally jumping ship. Today’s revelations must make him a lame duck at best. And they already got their tax cuts.

The call to Putin? Stormy Daniels? Cambridge Analytica? I have no idea which scandal you’re referring to.

I said it somewhere else: One fifth of the amount of scandal Trump has around him would send most people into the fetal position, whimpering for their mommy and considering a self-imposed dirt nap. Trump, psychopath that he is, eats it up, shits it out, the eats his shit with a smile on his face. I’m not sure we’re within 1000 miles of this guy’s tipping point, if he even has one.

When I got The Times’ alert on the 2nd porn star, I immediately told my neighbor at work. Her ho-hum reaction epitomized the world we now live in. If news like that had ever come out about Obama, I think the western world would have shut down for a day, at least. Today it was just a diversion from nor’easter talk.

What is today’s clusterfuck? I’m out of the loop.

On purpose.

To answer the thread title, hell no.
Not even close to his tipping point.
Which I doubt even exists.

No, it’s the Party of Trump now and there’s nothing they won’t rationalize away when Trump tells them to. You could find a voicemail from Trump to Putin saying “Thanks for the hacking, we’ll mail you those top secret military plans like I promised” and Ryan/McConnell will still be too craven to move an inch. Hell, “craven” is probably the wrong word since it might not be fear but rather apathy so long as they can stay in power.

They’re not craven, and they’re not apathetic. They’re hanging on for the words, “I’m retiring,” by Justice Anthony Kennedy. And so are all of Trump’s supporters.

Eh, they’d get the same results from a President Pence. Or a President Ryan. Or however far down the ladder you want to go.

That is 100% true. But to get there, they’d have to impeach “one of their own.” And that they will not do. By definition, it’s an admission that there are actual reasons to impeach him. Do you believe they’re going to admit that?

Of course not. I said that originally. They don’t care what Trump does/did provided they get to remain in power.

I don’t think that we actually disagree with one another, really.

I can’t imagine a political goal I desire with enough fever that I would support someone like Trump in the hopes of achieving it

Perhaps the complete emasculation of the current incarnation of the Republican Party?

I don’t, either.

I’m just not optimistic that we’ve reached a tipping point. I wish I could be. I’m heartened to see a few more Republicans speaking out, and clearly Trump’s chickens are beginning to come home to roost at last. But apart from a few voices stating the painfully obvious, I don’t think we’ll see any active steps taken to make a change unless/until there is a change in Congress at the mid-terms.

Nor I. But that’s the difference between Trump supporters and non Trump supporters, isn’t it? I can practically visualize McConnell laying awake in his bed at night, willing Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die.

That would be nice, but i wouldn’t get in bed with Trump to make it more likely. I have some integrity.

How about a sweet tax break to the tune of four figures? Republicans aren’t made of stone, you know.

Your second post seems to refute your OP. I’m with Ravenman on this (post #2). What are you even talking about?

Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model, is saying she had an affair with Trump and is seeking to break her NDA. She says her lawyer colluded with Trump’s lawyer when the NDA was negotiated and it’s therefore invalid.

If we ever reach the tipping point, it will be reflected in polling.

538 is the go-to location to see a weighted average of the latest approval ratings, all the better to understand the underlying trend. It’s now at 40.7%. It hit a low of 36.4% on Dec 16th, during the plutocrat tax giveaway debate. If we’re at a tipping point, it will be obvious in a week or so.

Updated daily?:

You know what hurts Trump? When he’s tied to unpopular policies. Same for Berlusconi. The bread and circuses stuff plays to Trump’s strengths as a showman.

At any rate, I’m unclear about the OP as well. Crosspost: Ah! We’re discussing Karen McDougal. No, I don’t think March 20th will be remembered as a turning point, though I’m curious about whether next Sunday’s allegations regarding Dominated Don will sap base enthusiasm for the administration.


If he’d holding with 40.7% now then if he lucks out a positive trend in the economy a second term is his to lose.
I’ve seen bugger all evidence that the base who elected him have changed their minds, rather its “those dammed librull elites are still stopping our Don”

Well the shutdown of western USA anyway.
The rest of us treat what’s happening stateside as reality TV on 'roids.