Are we ever going to get another Star Wars animation?

With Rebels wrapping up it’s final season, I find myself already longing for another installation.

You guys think we’ll eventually get one?

I would love it if it were true. The only problem I see though is where in the SW timeline would they base one?

From things I’ve read, Dave Filoni will be doing another series, but it may not be announced until next year.

I think the perfect place to give fans a bit of backstory on Snoke would be in an animated series-- focus on Ben Solo’s time training with Luke (and struggling with his thoughts/feelings), with a parallel storyline of Snoke building up the First Order. I think it would be interesting to watch a manipulative Snoke eventually puffing up an insecure young Force user, the grandson of Vader no less, with promises and flattery (“Oh, a mask, definitely. Anyone hoping to see through what Lord Vader started needs to wear a mask!”) Could also be a place to flesh out the Knights of Ren without having to dedicate too much screen time to that in Ep IX. Hamill does a lot of voiceover work, so it’d also be awesome to have him return as Luke-- a confident, brash leader working on rebuilding the Jedi order.

Given how well Rebels has been received (and Clone Wars before it), and the fact that it’s Disney now, I have to believe that there’ll be another animated series.

There’s another movie trilogy in the works, and there’s nothing yet publicly known about the time frame for that.

In addition, they could certainly set it in the Resistance / First Order era. Though, I still would love to see something set in an “Old Republic Era,” with lots of both Sith and Jedi.

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