Are you a flexatarian?

Sometimes I go upwards of half an hour without a big juicy burger.

other people’s choice of life styles are funny.

Dead linkity link Muad’Dib. I tried googling, but drew a blank. It does sound a bit extreme though.

flexitarian to google first off :wink:

second, not dead…

third: I like my meat, probably more than I should. I eat way too much of it. But I’m not one to complain if a vegetarian meal is plopped down in front of me. Good stuff, especially Indian.

I really need to get to the local Indian restaurant…

Huh? Link works for me.

Uhh, works for me now too. wonder what happened.

Regarding the OP (well, someone had to answer the question), I suppose I have maybe fifty percent of my meals are without meat. And i do like to buy interesting things to cook with; which sometimes includes foods that are targeting the strict vegetarian market. But I would not go so far as to classify myself as anything but an omnivore.

Mr. S and I have been calling ourselves “semivegetarians,” but I think the new term works better. We’re not opposed to meat, but we don’t insist on having it at every meal. In fact, we almost never cook meat at home; maybe some ground beef or turkey in chili, or ham or cooked chicken breast in soup, but we’re just as likely to use TVP or go meatless. One of our favorite dinners is mashed potatoes with an assortment of colorful steamed veggies: carrots, corn, green beans. Yum!Sometimes there’s deli roast beef in the fridge for sandwiches. We might have steak in a restaurant twice a year, and we almost never eat burgers. And we love eating ethnic, especially the more vegetarian cuisines.

On the other hand, our families think meals without meat are “weird.” My dad couldn’t figure out how I was going to make spaghetti sauce without ground beef, and you should have heard the whining at my cousin’s afternoon wedding, where an excellent vegetarian hors d’oeurve buffet (plus salmon) was served. Mr. S and I gorged ourselves, while the family groused. My uncle invited everyone over to his house for burgers on the grill afterwards, since no one had been fed properly. :rolleyes:

We just don’t get into the whole “If there isn’t a slab of cow on the plate, it’s not a meal” thing, which is especially prevalent here in WI. I’d just as soon fill up on the other stuff, which is usually more interesting.* But when I start getting full, I still find myself fighting off my mother’s admonition to “At least eat the meat.”

*At least in vegetarian-style meals. I have no problem understanding why kids hate vegetables when they come out of a can and are bland and grossly overcooked because Mom spent too much time focusing on the roast.


Food good.

Vegitarians eat veggies.

Flexitarians eat flexis?

I’m a fooditarian.

Cool! I didn’t know there was a word for it!

It’s got nothing to do with animal rights or conserving the Earth’s precious resources. I am trying to keep my cholesterol down, and I just plain like vegetarian food. Offer me a slab of tofu or a chicken breast, and I’ll go for the tofu every time. Meat ‘n’ potatoes or brown rice and pinto beans? No contest. I even like Silk brand soy milk better than skim milk (which I abhor.)

I do enjoy the occasional meal of delicious, juicy, lightly killed animal flesh. But when I am cooking for myself, or when there are reasonable vegetarian options available at a restaurant, I’d just as soon go meatless.