Are You a Freak?

I’m such a freak they won’t even let me TAKE it! Yeahhh baby! “File Not Found” my butt, they just know I’ll break it! :smiley:

I really need to let loose more often…

I’m a 10.4 freak, making me nearly nine-tenths pure. I feel like a freak among freaks…

I’m boring.

I need to work on weirding out people more.

53.0% Freak
I’m a super-freak, super-freak, I’m super-freaky…YEAH!! :smiley:

Yes. But not on that test.

I’m 28.5% freak. However, that may change, as I went “heeey, I never thought of that. Have to try it out…”

Why am I so darn boring? I wish I were more freaky. :frowning: Of course, now that I am not freaky there, I am freaky here. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m with you on that one. I’m a freak in a whole different way. :wink:

56.9% AWWWWW YEAH!!!

10.6% freak. That’s about what I expected. Some of the ideas were amusing and many don’t apply now that I’m not longer a student. I mean at some point names like “Connie Lingus” just aren’t funny any more. It shouldn’t add to your freak quotient if you answer yes to that. Someone needs to come up with an adult freak test though, it would be more accurate for most of us I think. I’d be really interested to see what kinds of questions you guys (“guys” used in the most general way, of course) would come up with. I’d post one but I’m just too repressed.

But I’m gonna work on it.
BTW, Douglas Adams is dead?! I hadn’t heard.

You answered “yes” to 81 of 462 questions, making you 82.5% freak pure (17.5% freak corrupt); that is, you are 82.5% pure in the freak domain (your strangeness is 17.5%).

This is very reassuring.


I see that I need to go suggest some questions. The test, as it stands, is blatantly inadequate for gauging real freaks. :smiley:


34% freak :smiley:
I’d like to thank the Academy and all my no good friends who encourage my behavior :slight_smile:

Died on May 11, sorry to say.

47.8% strange.

Twenty four percent freak.

That’s also my lucky number and the day of my birthday. Coincidence perhaps?

And why wasn’t there a question about passing invisible cars on the highway? Or standing on the street with friends, looking up and calmly commenting to each other whether that person is going to jump. Or getting upset when they don’t acknowledge your invisible friends.

I deserve a better score.

I’m much weirder than I look.

Now I am going to have to send this to the weird one called Dave. I wanna know what his score is.