The Purity Test for Virgins

There is hope for us yet.

Take the test here!

I was 56.8% pure. How about you guys?

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78.0%. And my weirdness factor is 41%.

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Just curious, but would any girls be willing to help this guy out? You know, just get him some poontang so he doesn’t have to take the test again?

I took the test, even though I have knocked the boots before, and found out I’m 32.6% pure.

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::hangs head in shame::

Still 76.5%… but its better than 98.

Weirdness 42%.



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I am 56.8% Pure!

And my Weirdness Factor is 36%.

I am above average in purity! And I think it’s a lot to do with not being able to answer the kissing questions.


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Damn! I got 28.0 in the purity test and 47 in the weirdness factor.

Now I feel better.

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This little virgin is all of 21.2% pure, with a 35% weirdness factor. I guess I’m not as pure as the driven snow after all, but at least I’m a virgin, dammit.

:::considers what Satan’s response will be for a number of retorts. Decides to go with the safe answer:::

Of course not! That would be wrong, and I would never, ever do such a thing. Sheesh. coughpromnightcough

81.8% pure. Weirdness factor 45%.
Maybe I should just join a monastery.

Mark,we all know your weirdness factor is higher than that!

Ok, I’m far from a virgin, but I thought it might be interesting.
11.4% Pure and not so weird 38%

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Gee Mark for a virgin you sure know alot about sex… exactly which sex manual were you quoting from in the “are all men selfish buggars” thread?

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44.7 % pure, with a weirdness factor of 37%. Um. Did I just admit to being a virgin? Oopsie… g

The Minty One

26.5% pure
37% wierdness score…

Well, actually, my score means I kinda failed the test and am probably close to being a dirty old man. Even I am surprised at the amount of those who sort of passed it!

We need more sex education in the schools!

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

Yes! 34.1% pure, with 31% weirdness.

Question authority–just not mine.

39.2 purity factor (chagrined) 30 weirdness (??)

Dang, those of you with a purity factor higher than mine – are you for real or are you under 22 years old? There are actually virgins out there above 12 years of age?? There’s a girl I know I’m going to give this test to and I’ll be she scores something like 10 in the purity factor. (I hope so.)

What? Me worry?’

48.5% sexually pure…weirdness factor of 36%.

And rainbow…YES there are virgins older than 12. Like me, for instance… (Maybe not for long, but still.)

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12.1% pure. I think this is my lowest score yet :slight_smile: with a weirdness factor of 44.5%. There were very few things that I haven’t done; although, I have not (and in case the html code doesn’t work. I have not) had sex with animals.


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53% pure, 36% weird. I need to get out more often.