Are you a night owl?

I’ve always been one but I think I’m getting worse. Poll to follow!

Well, it’s 4:36 AM here, and I haven’t gone to bed yet, so I’m thinking the answer is yes.

Ditto. :frowning: It’s always worst for me on Sunday nights because the weekend has allowed me to stay up particularly late (and then sleep in) for two nights in a row.

Of course, all the answers so far are yes. I’m not usually up this late. I don’t know why tonight though. Usually I’m falling asleep by 1 or 2 am.

<flaps through thread>

Okay, I must be getting tired because I read that as

<fwaps through thread>

and I was kinda grossed out. :smack:

I absolutely am a night owl. It’s 7:33 pm here and I can hardly keep my eyes open because I did an early shift today and I’ve been awake for hooouuuuurrrs. But, come midnight I’ll be raring to go.

I just sat up all night working to meet a deadline. My brain feels like cottage cheese now. Me lose brain, why I laugh?

Posting right now at 3:51 AM local time. And I have work [del]tomorrow[/del] this morning.

It’s 9pm here. The internet goes all around the world, you know.

Got home from work about 1:30am. Just now in bed and checking the Dope, will be asleep in a few minutes. Plan to get up about 1:30pm.

4:47 AM here! Starting to get light out, almost time for bed.

Well, of course it does. :smack:

You really didn’t expect logic from me at I’m-Still-Awake!? in the morning, did you?

Well, they don’t hold live lesbian sex shows in the afternoon, so yes. Although I’m slumming it at home tonight (after 11:30pm here).

My sleep schedule is all over the map. Rarely earlier than 10 PM, rarely later than 3 AM, but “usually” by 1:30 or 2.

Waking time is a narrower slice: 6-7 AM.

Up at 5am every work morning, so late nights are contra-indicated.

Same here. I might stay up to 11pm or so on the weekend, but even then I usually get up by 6am.

Me, three.

Though I often stay up until 11 or later on weeknights, too. I never thought I’d say it, but I really do wish there were more time in the day. Unfortunately my daughter has gotten into the habit of running into our bedroom between 5:15 and 5:45 a.m. and hopping into bed with us. I try to pretend to be asleep, but thanks to her allergies, her Darth-Vader-like breathing wakes me up. After snuggling for a few minutes, she sits up and yanks on my shirt, telling me, “Up. Up. Upppp!”

Mornings make me want to stab people in the face. I can comfortably stay up until 1 or 2 am without any issues, but I’m barely functional before 10 am. Unfortunately, my job requires me to be in the office and coherent by 7 am most days. Bleah.

Seeing the sunrise means I’ve stayed up a little late. I get up at the crack of noon.