Are You A Pepper?

If so, grab it now!

So it’s like roadtripping to Dublin without the actual work?

Yum. I’m off the stuff (and soda altogether except maybe once a week), but I might need to get me some of that.

This is completely, totally, off topic, but I can’t resist.
I work at a test barn at a local race track. It’s the place where horses that win races are sent so that their urine and blood can be collected to be drug tested. Just like one can lead a horse to water and not make him drink, one can also put a horse in a stall with all the right stimuli, and he will pee when he damn well feels like it.

Last night we had a filly who wasn’t cooperating and an elderly, cranky owner. After waiting for about an hour with no success, he came into the office and asked if we had any pepper. (We didn’t). A pee-catcher (the job title of the folks who sit with a cup and wait) asked him why he wanted pepper. “You put it in the horse’s pussy and she’ll go.” he explained. Yes, he said pussy. No, we didn’t let him do it to his poor horse.

He immediately became known as Mr. Pepper.

I don’t understand this promotion. It amounts to a straight-up confession that they use an inferior sweetener in their normal product.

I don’t think anyone has any illusions that HFCS is any better than cane sugar, it’s just cheaper. These are just test balloons to see if it’s worth the cost of going off HFCS entirely.

In that case, no I wouldn’t like to be a Pepper too.

I agree. Wish they would get rid of the stuff like sodium benzoate too. But if they sell more with cane sugar, maybe they will change.

No free give away for the 125 anniversary? It’s not a promotion then. What a gyp. There’s a reason their in 3rd place.

It’s a simple promotion to garner a limited increase in sales using a quality product (sugar) rather than the usual (HFCS) which is developing a bad reputation. As stated in the article:

I still have ten cases of Mountain Dew Throwback in the back room.

I tried Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback. It was slightly different, but I’d be very hard pressed to say it’s better (or worse). I’ve had Mexican Coke too, and it just seems sweeter, which isn’t always a good thing. I’ll grab some of this anyway if I see it, I usually buy Diet Dr. Pepper though, which is one of the few diet sodas that tastes okay.

I’ve had Dr. Pepper from the Dublin plant, and I wasn’t impressed. I’m a Dr. Pepper fiend, and my sister got me some.

I’m a Pibber, not a Pepper.
I have no idea what kind of pib you would have to put up a filly’s funhole to get her to run.

We must have been a early test market for the anniversary promotion, because throwback Dr. Pepper was available here for a few weeks several months ago.

I too am a Dr. Pepper fiend…and have been for 45 years or more. I was prepared to be knocked out by the real stuff. I liked it OK, but not as much as I thought I would.

Out of all the variations they’ve tried in recent years, Cherry DP is the only that has really “taken” with me.

We had Dr Pepper, Pepsi and Mountain Dew all with real sugar a long time ago. I still have a case of Pepsi Throwback in the pantry.

Fortunately, Dublin is on the way to my parents’ house so I usually pick some up on the way home if I feel so inclined. Actually, I probably stop and buy it more often in Stephenville. I’m off all soda now, though, so I’ll have to pass it up even in my local grocery.

My favorite Dr Pepper variation so far has been the Berries and Cream. Mmmmm… But they don’t sell it anymore. I really wish they’d sell a Vanilla Dr. Pepper (the Cherry Vanilla stuff sucks).

I’ve never been able to find these limited with sugar drinks in my local stores…

No, but sometimes I feel like a nut.

Only if they release a caffeine free version.

(i.e. probably not.)

I bought some today, though I’m usually a diet caffeine-free Dr. Pepper addict. (I like me a bunch of fake chemicals.) I don’t know if I should be embarrassed to say that I prefer the usual HCFS Dr. Pepper to this stuff. I think maybe it wasn’t as carbonated? It tasted strong and odd to me. My daughter loved it though, so I don’t think it will be wasted.

There were about 8 cases of the sugar stuff at the store, and piles of the usual kind. So it doesn’t look like we got a ton of it.