In my local grocery store, just found a case with throwback mountain dew and pepsi, made with sugar! Says its a limited edition. Its good.

The real coke was even better. All the pop with sugar was better. Corn syrup sucks.

We can get the Mexican cokes made with sugar here, and also the “Dublin” Dr. Pepper, made with sugar. So much better!

Costco sold cases of “Mexican Blend” Coke for a while, complete with poorly-attached nutritional info stickers on each bottle. They still might, but I’m cutting back on soda. (Trying, anyway.)
You can get single bottles at BevMo and most non-chain convenience stores. The fact that it uses cane sugar is secondary to it being in a glass bottle.

Not all Mexican Cokes have real sugar in them. read the label before buying it.

Pepsi Throwback was great, too bad it’s limited time. I can get Mexican Coke with and without sugar in my neighborhood.

I picked up a 20oz of Pepsi Throwback today, and one of Heritage Dr Pepper, too.

Unfortunately for me, I am a diet soda drinker and could not taste the difference because I don’t know the taste of non-diet soda anymore.

My mom tasted the Dr Pepper, tho. She said it was good.

I’ve had the Mexican cola with pure cane sugar and it doesn’t taste head and shoulders above the corn syrup version to me. The sugar version seems to have a crisper taste to me…if that makes any sense…but I can’t say it’s a whole lot better to me.

I know someone who is stocking up on both Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwbacks. He had the store he shops at order extra cases just for him. Since I don’t care for Pepsi I haven’t tried it; another friend who prefers Coke to Pepsi tried it, and said that it tastes better than regular Pepsi, but still not as good as Coke.

:throws on shoes and runs to the store:

I was at the store yesterday…maybe I missed it?

They had it earlier this year. I’m glad to see they brought it back, although I haven’t seen it around here yet.

I haven’t seen it at all this past year in any stores.

Figures, we’re never in any of those fancy markets. We didn’t get any of those new flavors of Mountain Dew they had a while back that were all voted on, either, though we do now have the “winning” flavor.