"Throw-Back" vs Current Pepsi

My housemate feels that the “Throw Back” version of Pepsi is “better” and even “better” for him than the current version because the TB version is made with real sugar. What do you think?

Where is this? I have not seen any such thing here in the wilds of the Central Valley of California.

I’ve had it here in Sacramento.

Hmmm, well I am between Bakersfield and Fresno and nothing liquid has crossed the Delta for a few years now :slight_smile:

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I like it better. It seems to have more “bite”, but it could just be my imagination.

I’d like them to bring back Crystal Pepsi, though.

I love it. Love it love it love it. When they had it here in Portland as a trial run I would buy two cases worth every time I was at the store, just to make 'em move so they’d keep selling them (and to stock up if they didn’t). Well it disappeared again, but I’ve seen it in stores without the ‘limited time’ printed on them lately so I hope they’re here to stay. I can tell the difference between the sugar and HFCS Pepsi’s every time and prefer the sugar kind.

I too would also like Crystal Pepsi to come back. I loved that shit!

They should simply make throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew and get rid of the other stuff. Keep the Heritage/Throwback Dr Pepper, too.

Sounds like you’re in or near Visalia. Try one of the Flyers gas stations. One on Mooney, one on Mineral King.


We have it here in the Bay Area. I love it. I live a block over from an hispanic neighborhood, and I buy the glass-bottle Mexican sugar Coke all the time. Corn syrup has a taste I don’t like. I only like the ones made with sugar.

I am torn. I am a Mt. Dew fanatic from WAAAAY back.

I had some of the throwback, and while it’s good, it doesn’t taste quite “right”. Maybe it’s just me.

I would like to try some of the heritage Dr. Pepper though, that sounds good.

I’m in Canada, and my understanding is that pop is not made with HFCS here anyway, but the cans still say “Made with Real Sugar.” I bought some mostly because the cans remind me of when I was young, so way to go Marketing department!

Even though our pop is made with sugar all the time, it does taste different. Not bad, just different. We are pretty much a Coke family here so it’s not an issue, but I prefer the current Pepsi to this.

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Pepsi Throwback is superior. It has a clean “finish”, for lack of a better term - corn syrup sodas tend to linger in the throat.

To me, it seems like the sweetness of the throwback stuff fills my mouth more than the HFCS.

This is what I was trying to figure out how to say. The finish is better. To me it’s not a huge difference, but it’s definitely there.

We finally got regular access to Throwback here. So much less cloying.


Like it. I found it in a Shoppers Drug Mart here in this small town in Ontario.

Can’t speak for Pepsi, but occasionally you can find Mexican Coke at our local Costco, made with cane sugar. It definitely is superior to the normal stuff, with a crisper flavor profile and a cleaner finish. Plus, it comes in glass bottles, which is cool.

It seems to have a different formula than the kosher Coke you can find during Passover, as the Passover stuff has a closer taste to regular Coke.

I can’t tell the difference.