Mountain Dew Throwback

As it did last year, Pepsi released Pepsi Throwback with sugar, but included Mountain Dew Throwback this year. The store was out of Pepsi, but I bought some Mountain Dew. Does the type of sweetener affect the consistency of a soda? Regular Mountain Dew seems to feel “heavier” than the Throwback version. It feels almost “syrupy” in comparison. Anyone else notice this or is it in my head?

I doubt it’s just in your head. The difference between modern soda and throwback soda is that modern uses High Fructose Corn Syrup to sweeten the drink, while throwback uses plain cane sugar. HFCS is what gives it that cloying syrupy feel, and is a major reason I stick to diet sodas.

As an aside, this has probably come up in previous throwback threads, but is anyone else completely turned off by the term throwback? It doesn’t sound appealing at all, and makes me think of backwash.

They released Mountain Dew throwback in at least some markets last year. I know this, because I drank a few bottles. I both prefer the taste of cane sugar (at least in my head) and simply like NOT drinking yet another serving of corn.

The 2009 MD Throwback used the logo that was in use during the 80s and early 90s, before they tried to “Extreme” it up. The 2010 stuff uses the older logo with a comic-strip-style font and a hillbilly.

Mountain Dew throwback was out this past summer. I know cause I drank some, and as a Mountain Dew lover, was very disappointed. I thought the Throwback was gross. :frowning: But I’ve only ever had HCFS soda probably so it’s what I’m used to. I would be willing to try the Throwback once more but I doubt I will like it.

Throwback is a term used commonly amongst my peers as being synonymous with “old” or used to describe something that causes us to reminisce about the past, so the term does not bother me at all.

See, for me, that’s “retro”. Retro Mountain Dew would be pretty cool.

Throwback Mountain Dew is awesome. I hope they start selling again in my stores - I too bought some last year and loved it.

Yeah, retro, throwback, same thing. I think throwback started to become the popular word choice when some sports franchises started selling retro jerseys as “throwbacks”, though looking online it seems the term’s been around since the 1850’s.

Never had retro Dew, but tried retro Pepsi last year, wasn’t really anything exciting about it.