Are you a pet racist?

When you are choosing a new pet or have a favorite current one, does color influence your choices? Picking a tuxedo over a tortoiseshell, or a chocolate lab over a yellow, for example?

They’re all pink on the inside.

Fur color does not influence me at all. But I totally discriminate against hairless pets.

I’ve had black labs, red setters, gold chow/golden mixes, border collie mix (mostly white). All great dogs, but like Enola Gay, no hairless dogs for me.

I think I am now :slight_smile:

I never really thought about a dog’s color much before, and I have found dogs of all hues attractive. By happenstance, all of the dogs I have had over the past thirty years or so have been either yellow/tan/beige or white with lots of darker spots and blotches. Until our latest addition - she’s a black lab/border collie mix(at least according to the adoption shelter’s info)- all black except for a small white blaze on her neck and chest and the very tips of her toes.

The problem is that I get up in the morning before my SO, so I don’t turn a light on until I’m out of the bedroom, and there’s only very, very dim light from the moon through the patio door blinds. The dog sometimes gets out of her bed very quietly and lies in the middle of the room while I am stretching my toes to the floor. I can’t see her because she’s black, and she doesn’t know that I can’t see her. That means that there is the occasional painful(to her) and frightening(to me) meeting of hound and foot.

I have vowed to never again get a black dog. I just hope I remember that ten of fifteen years from now when that need arises. On the plus side I have weird half German and half English words made up for “Meine Kleine Schwarze Hund” to the tune of “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

When it comes time for me to have a new cat (one of mine crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March), it will come to me, and if it’s the right one for me, it will not matter what it looks like.

Never thought of having a black cat, but our tux is the sweetest cat I’ve ever [del]owned[/del] served.

I have had all colors dogs and cats. My Siamese are my favorite breed, ( they are watching me) they are so beautiful it hurts to look at them sometimes. But , snooty is a kind word for their temperament. Very demanding and loud. So, no color is not an issue. Sometimes solid white dogs and cats are deaf, that might be a problem.

Our 4 cats are ginger, dilute tortie, tuxedo and Jersey cow. About as varied a mix as possible.

There is only the Dachshund. Color Be Damned!


I have a friend who absolutely loves Sphynx cats, which are not really hairless but do have vestigial fur. They have to wear clothes when taken outside, regardless of the weather, because they also have no natural sun protection.

I’m not a fan of brindle for dogs or tortoiseshell in cats, and I’ve discovered lighter colored dogs are indeed easier to see at night and photograph better but I’m pretty easy going about what color animals I have.

I totally love my lily-white Bichon Frise. His black eyes, black nose, and black lips make a perfect contrast with his white fur. Similarly shaped but black-furred dogs have their facial features disappear into their facial hair. Not that this makes them lesser in the eyes of God, of course, but it does make them less cute. Especially on camera. So sue me.

ETA - and my dog is a racist, too. He loves other white dogs, but hates black dogs! Especially big black dogs. I don’t know where he learned that from.

Some of my best cats were black.

Black cats matter.

I voted no, but that’s because despite the hair I keep adopting Huskies. I don’t care about them being pure bread at all but lots of them end up in shelters and I think they are the only breed where coloration doesn’t matter to the AKC etc…

Personality trumps color with Sibes, but I can’t really claim any moral high ground here, I just like to have things like intact furniture.

This right here.

Maybe it sounds strange, but whenever I’ve been looking for a kitten or cat there is either a “no, nothing with this one,” or almost an instant bond–you know that you were made for each other. It’s hard to explain. But because of that, I’ve owned black cats, grey cats, tuxedos, mackerel tabbies, ginger tabbies–no “pet racism” here, just somehow “knowing” that you belong together.

It’s not a cat.

I agree with the previous posts that it’s personality that matters most. Also, when I’ve got new dogs, they have to like the dog I’ve already got and vice versa. When I got a “brother” for my previous dog, she picked him out. We met several dogs, but she didn’t like any of them (she even growled at one, she hated him), she liked the one we brought home. She picked him out.

My new cat is dark. I have the same issue as bayaker, she sits in the hallway and I have to be careful I don’t tread on her if I get up to go to the loo in the night. She hasn’t really settled on “her spot” yet, the little igloo I got her was slept in for a couple of nights and then abandoned, and she seems to be in different spots. I hope when she settles in, she’ll pick a spot and stay in it all night.

If I ever get a pet again I plan on being a complete classist: either it adopts me on the street, or at the local shelter.