Are you a York peppermint pattie fan? Ever notice a fishy aftertaste?

I always liked a York Peppermint Pattie. Spelled oddly but tastes so good.

I’ve noticed they sometimes leave a fishy aftertaste in my mouth. Usually the candy seem old. Like it got partially melted in the truck or stockroom and cooled off in the store. Harder texture and that aftertaste.

Anyone else notice it?

btw Pearson’s Mint patties aren’t nearly as good. imho
I eat them occasionally but prefer York.

Never noticed it but it would have to be pretty evident to carp about it.

Oh jeez running coach, this scampi happening.

The majority of the time peppermint patties leave a wonderful clean feeling in my mouth. I buy them as an after dinner mint. I always have a bag of the miniatures emptied into a candy jar.

Its only certain bags that seem stale or previously partially melted that leave the fishy taste.

Bad puns are my sole reason for living.

The York Peppermint Pattie is made with egg whites while Pearson’s Mint patties are not. Is it possible that the egg whites might have something to do with the York’s fishy aftertaste?

Never noticed a fishy aftertaste, but they aren’t as good if they get too old.

More like running loach

Peppermint Patties give me a haddock.

Could be. Candy that gets hot and then cools down is never as good. It alters the ingredients somehow.

I forgot to mention that I don’t eat fish. We go to a seafood place because my family likes catfish. I order fried shrimp. Sometimes the fries and hush puppies get that fishy taste because the fryer oil is old. They use the same oil to fry everything on the menu.

Why don’t you ask Carol and Harvey so you can decide if it really tastes fishy… or maybe it doesn’t… you assholes. ;)[URL=“”]