Are you addicted to Internet?

I am addicted to reading arguments.

Very strange – so few internetoholics. Is anyone addicted to games?

Where can I find good strategy games?

voted…your poll is weak…

I’m addicted to both. I’m on about a dozen message boards plus I have a blog, plus FB. I have a twitter account but I rarely tweet. What I like to do is find an interesting article or video and talk share it for focused conversation. Sometimes arguing, depending on the topic. I love being part of a group.

I’m just addicted to the internet as a whole. It’s my escape from reality.

I like reading heated arguments. If my depression is ever cured I may participate in more of them.

I am a level 96 mage in Runescape.

Your poll does not match your thread title. I probably am addicted to the Internet, but, apart from this place (if it counts), and some lurking at Metafilter (if that counts), I have virtually no interest at all in online “social networks” or “forums”. I don’t have a Facebook account, and although I do have a Twitter account I use it extremely sparingly. I do spend too much time here on the Dope, though.

Yes, I am addicted somewhat to the internet. I plan to limit my internet usage, for several reasons. (1) I tend to overbuy things I don’t really need, especially when it says free shipping, (2) I tend to look up and find out more information about people from my past, and wish I didn’t know as much as I did; unfortunately a couple of people have died, (3) I find it harder to get over a romantic relationship, because a person I used to go out with, sends me emails every so often, and it pulls back a lot of memories that I was trying to forget, (4) and last, but not least, my hands hurt from usage.

I voted no. The internet (at least socially) is a place for me to while away some time when schedules prevent doing the things I really want. Assuming they’re visible to all, note my post-count and join date. I’m a member of a few hobbyist message boards (RV-ing, Boating, Flying, Hunting, Fishing), but my post counts are usually in the 4-5 per year on those. I think I’m at less than a post per day average on sdmb.

FWIW, my hunting lease doesn’t have cell coverage, so I frequently spend a week without connectivity of any kind (and I prefer it that way).

I’ve always been a news junkie, and from pre-internet days I have always read the daily newspaper and had many weekly and monthly magazine subscriptions. Now with the internet, I am on constant consumption of news information.

I’ve never been much on the social side, and IRL my social circle has vanished (it can happen as you get older and move), so the SDMB is my primary interaction (yeah, I know…).

So, the internet it is! I have found that as a result, I read less in the way of books. And I watch TV less. And, as mentioned above, less human interaction…

Smartphones just amplify the problem for me.

Yes I am addicted to the internet. But not so much for social media, such as Facebook. I don’t ever use that, or Twitter etc. do use the internet to keep up with important things … it’s handy for streaming video, paypal , paying bills, and message boards…

I honestly don’t know how I kept up with a lot of stuff before the internet…

Since I stay at home, and don’t have much social interaction, reading message boards or watching videos, or using Netflix or Amazon are my lifelines to sanity these days…

Umm…not addicted, but. Wait, I just started to add a ‘but’, so maybe.

I will admit, I did change my Dope password to a string of random characters that I only had written down at home, so that I couldn’t check at work when I got pretty busy a couple months ago.

Now I’m not as busy, obviously…

No you’re not…

I have no idea how I’m supposed to answer this poll. Needs a yes option.

Yeap. Need it for my job and it’s my preferred social outlet. I like to play WoW and read forums at home. I read forums at work between calls too, once my daily paperwork is done. Without it, I’d just read all the time. Like I did as a kid, before the internet existed.

I sit in front of a computer all day and I get my fill. When I leave work, I don’t go near a computer.

I’m addicted to the Internet, but this forum is the only “social media” i enjoy. I don’t even like playing video games with strangers and I love video games.

Forums are the oldest form of social media – they were there long before Facebook and Twitter. They are as old as the Internet.

Usenet was the social network of 1990s, but it was much less then Tumblr.

I was a little bit on usenet. From what I recall we mostly used it to exchange dinosaur and Sesame Stree porn. It was all written. sigh Ah, the heady (stupid) days of youth.

No, but seriously, I love the Internet, but I can definitely put it away when I am really busy, and it doesn’t make me procrastinate or avoid work. I have a good control over it.

Just look at where you’re asking. It’s like going into a bar and asking for alcoholics. If they were ready to admit they have a problem, they’d be down the street at an AA meeting :slight_smile: