Are you addicted to Social Media?

What can I say? Addiction is Addiction.

No. I kinda was, using Facebook as a platform to motivate my photography. I swore off it eight months ago and haven’t posted or read it since. I found it a bit insidious and the company despicable and just gave it up one day. I don’t read other things: tweets, instawhatever, reddits.

ETA: Wait: SDMB is social media! ARG!

I am absolutely not addicted to reading flame wars here and on Twitter!

All addics say that!

I also abandoned my Russian Language YouTube channel.

I don’t even have access to the internet. I understand that it is a complex series of tubes, and I am a simple man.

Oh, wait. Does the dope count? I said no. I’m absolutly addicted to this place. :slight_smile:

Yes I am. I have over 1500 Twitter followers including a former Senator, a member of the European Parliament, congressional candidates, media members and university professors among many others.

Did you really just reply to your own comment?

No, I’m very happy to say I’ve never used twitter, facebook, instagram or anything of the kind, neither for consumption nor distribution.

I don’t count the SDMB as social media as I define it. It is an anonymous discussion forum.

Wish this poll was public so I could laugh at the results more.

I answered no because I don’t count SDMB as social media. But if it is, then I am.

Is SDMB social media?

Of course not. Internet media consumes very little of my time. The SDMB is by far the most time I spend in online interactions, my post count over the last 16+ years bears this out.

I do have a Facebook account, and I have started a total of 2 “threads” (or whatever you call it there) in the last 7 years. I remain there because my kids use it to keep us up to date with a lot of their lives. Beyond the occasional “like” button I’m not really a participant. Other than this, no twitter, or instagram or any of the others I’m surely unaware of.

I consider social media and internet news somewhat dangerous, because I am the product being sold to the advertisers. A lot of effort is expended designing stories and formats to cause a stress reaction in me, so I’ll perform the sacred “click” to generate revenue. I believe this can be very harmful over time, as the anxiety mounts for those drawn to it. So even with my relatively light usage I occasionally declare a week or two as “digital detox” and stay off everything. Many times this coincides with on of my walkabouts where I retreat to the woods or water and spend the week(s) alone. To each their own, but I believe relief from the digital and populous world is a necessity today, not a luxury.

I’m addicted to SDMB. Social media is generally defined as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I spend a lot of time on Facebook but it’s more akin to drudgery than addiction. I suppose you could say I’m addicted generlcally to internet-based communication. I have to go where the people are to do it.

It seems most of you give the same answer as I. :smack:

I used to spend a lot more time on Facebook (although never as much as I spend on SDMB) but it’s too depressing now, and I don’t like supporting Zuckerberg. I have a Twitter account I never use, and I almost never look at Twitter. I got an Instagram account a few weeks ago, but didn’t see the point and canceled it.

SDMB is absolutely social media. It is just not one of the big platforms that you hear about on the news and it isn’t something you can complain about the kids using.

Maybe, who knows. I read quickly and run out of content pretty quickly. I use my smartphone a lot but social media’s just part of that whole ecosystem.

My friends and family have a habit of moving far away, so when it first came out I was very happy to be able to keep track of how everyone was doing.

Plus, it is what you make it. If you only use it to make yourself anxious by passively paying attention to scary click bait headlines, that’s on you.

But if you know what content interests you, you can mostly self select your own experience. Twitter is especially good for that, because besides all the celebrities most people follow, there’s really interesting professionals and activists in all fields.

Most of my time is spent on Instagram, because art and photography is a big hobby for me.

Really, where are the lines between useful tool, passion, and addiction?

Damn kids got ADD and don’t know from basic grammar and punctuation is why.

Not addicted, but definitely habituated. It is similar to my book “addiction”.