Are you different IRL than you are online?

This is a question that’s always interested me: does anyone here think they give a notcibly different impression of themselves online than in “real life?” Specifically, do you think you come off “better” in one or the other?

Speaking for myself, I think I definitely come off much better online than I do IRL. Often in real life (and always in romantically tense situations), I just can’t seem to say anything quite the way I want to. So, in fear of making a fool of myself, I often just don’t say anything (or say as little as possible), which seems to give people who don’t know me well the idea that I’m distant and/or self-absorbed, when neither is true. And when I actually make an effort to be outgoing, I always end up feeling like a dweeb. So why is communicating easier for me online? Well, for one thing, I have much more confidence in my writing ability than in my speaking ability; for another, it’s often much easier to write something than it is to say it (for me, anyway). Also, writing allows one to pick and choose their exact words before communicating them.

Does anyone else think they project themselves differently online than IRL? If so, how and why?


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In real life, I am taller and much better looking.

Yep, I’m much different. For starters, I not really your uncle. Other than that, I’m a really poor typist.

I’m a cookie and therefore exist only in the computer. Therefore, I think this is an unfair question and discriminatory to cookies and virtual creatures of every type. harumph!

I have to confess that I come across pretty stuffy on-line (hence my sig). In real life, I am borderline wacky, always cracking jokes. Trust me, you would never recognize me.

Of course, it could be that I’m writing a textbook right now (my first – it’s much scarier than novels. In novels you can’t be wrong!) Maybe that is making me stuffy whenever I sit at my computer.

I’m much more shy and hesitant online than IRL. That seems to be the reverse of what I’ve seen most peopls say. I don’t know why that is. Maybe because I’m a bookworm, and the written word carries a more permanent weight with me. I’m also a bad typist(decided at age 12, so I would never be tempted to be a secretary; not forseeing how the world would change).

IRL, I have a hummingbird metabolism, and, when comfortable, the mouth to boot.

I’m getting better at my typing, though.

nope…I’m the same…100% bastard

In real life, I’m half a set of twins.

I’m only pretending to be my sister here, because she keeps her uniforms cleaned and they have name tags.

(Really, she is her own sister, and I’m that sister’s sister, but it’s too long to fit it all on a bus pass.)

I’m much less articulate in real life, which doesn’t say much for, um, me and my, er, stuff. Yeah.

I’m the same.

I have a tendency towards tactlessness and assholism IRL. VR, I am much more the gentleman.

I’m fairly similar online and irl except I’m slightly more outgoing ol. I think its because I don’t actually see the people. Also I can be a bit of a flirt online and irl I just get totally tongue tied and barely talk with guys. I’m also slightly zanier (though when I get with the right people I can be just a zany irl…)

Elle, ma belle, I know exactly what you mean! It takes me forever to make up my mind to post something. I’m getting better though!

I’ve been disgustingly honest about my life on these boards. Yup, I really am a bored, hypochondriac housewife with “issues” about cleaning. In real life, I’m a lot more outgoing. The phrase “disgustingly perky” has been used to describe me. Ewwww.

I have a cousin, who IRL has auburn hair and weighs about 250. She decides to try and hook up with one of those online personals services and tells all the guys that she weighed 125 and was blonde! What kind of sense does that make? Of course, the men were probably fibbing, too…

I have found that the regs here are pretty much the same in either medium, but I have also found that this joing is disproportionately intelligent, thoughtful and confident compared to the rest of the internet’s dwellers, and I found that (too) many people in general did offer to be something they are not IRL.

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I talk a lot more IRL. Here is seems like I can only string together about 3 sentences at a time.

I’m the same online as I am in real live. On message boards and in chat rooms, I actually try to post in the same conversational manner I use when speaking.

Of course, there’s no delete key in real life :wink:

I am much thinner on-line.

Other than that, I’d say I’m the same.

Guess. :smiley:

I smile and dance around more IRL.

That about covers it.