Are you different IRL than you are online?

This is the real me. I think I wisecrack a bit more IRL - I have a sarcastic sense of humour, and much of it requires a tone of voice that I can’t quite get across here.

And I do wish that real life did have a delete key.

Of course, IRL I am 3 dimensional.

I’m devastatingly handsome IRL; confident, outgoing, able to charm little children, school librarians and motorcycle cops; witty, kind and gentle to a fault and yet manly and forceful as the need arises…

…IRL does mean “Imbibing Regular Libations” right?

BTW, my real name is also spelled xenophonetically…

I’m less of a pixle IRL. More…3D. Other than that…nope.

IRL, I am a small, liberal, black woman. On the SDMB I am a lanky, Republican, white guy.

I think I carry it well.

Nope. Sorry! :smiley:

Well, maybe a little nicer online.

I’m just as big an ***hole IRL as I am here.

Interesting that many of you are more outgoing online.

I’m more outgoing and flirtatious (with a wicked, devious sense of humour) IRL than I am here. Maybe it’s because I’ve made such a fool of myself on a few MB’s and newsgroups that I’m much more careful here. Who knows? Maybe it’s just my winning smile!

I think I’m probably more entertaining irl, and I am avoiding ICQ and the like for fear of being sucked in again. Currently this is the only place I post, and I probably should spend more time crafting my questions and replies to make me more entertaining here, but i digress

I’m a bit less pendantic and intellectual IRL than I am here, but that’s only for lack of opportunity, and the limitations of verbal as opposed to written debate.

I also tell a lot of jokes IRL.

Hmmm a good question! IRL, until I get to know someone and feel comfy with them I tend to be a bit more quiet than online…other than that, what you hear, read is what you get…


Hey, GreenEyes, welcome! Always nice to see another SoCalDoper.


I’m pretty much the same here as in real life.

If anyone frequents the channel in Undernet, you’d know that I usually sit there silently lurking or sleeping.

I’m much worse IRL.

In real life my brain is kept in a flowerpot.

You guys are familiar with the term “Staircase Humor,” right?

Meaning the clever, witty, absolutely perfect thing to say that suddenly strikes you as you’re on the stairs, leaving?

I think that’s something we all benefit from online…we can sit staring at the last post like slack-jawed yokels for ten minutes until a funny remark occurs to us, then type it in quick.

Whereas IRL we’d just sit staring at each other like slack-jawed yokels.

I, too, am much more reserved OL than IRL. Being new to this, I find I am terribly intimidated and hesitant to voice anything. I’ve followed the board for so long and become so familiar with the various personalities here that I find myself second-guessing the responses–or lack thereof–and tend to edit myself too heavily.
Because all I get is a written chance at expressing myself, I become shy about it…very unlike my RL self.
Hopefully, I’ll get better as time goes on…

IRL, I am very clumsy.

I think I am the same both OL and IRL. Really, I am outgoing, verbose, opinionated, and outrageous in either context. Although IRL, I think my humor comes across better, since I tend toward physical comedy. I am like the girl on the five star commercial, always tripping and falling. And I am very flamboyant with my gestures, which go along with my humor. Like Ike said, it’s easier to be verbally witty for after I can think for a while. Although every once in a while, I astound myself and others with my wit!

Examples of stupid things I have said in past few weeks:

  1. You just suck it and it pops! - about parafin paper
  2. I have gravy between my legs! - real gravy, from dinner, came across poorly.
  3. I can’t wait to be raped this weekend! - simulation rape for my self defence class. Of course, the poeple on the bus did not know that.

And guarenteed, if there is a staircase with a hot guy on it, I will trip. If there are a lot of people around, I will stumble. If there is a giant rock on the ground that I spot from 20 feet away, I will trip over it. Guarenteed.

So OL and IRL balance themselves out for me. I am less funny OL but I am much more graceful. :slight_smile:

In real life, I am very introverted and loathe being the center of attention. Online… you make the call.

i’m definitely not looking good on the MB IMO, but IRL i think i come off as better then i think of myself :confused: mostly about the MB 'cause i feel so intimidated by the atmosphere being so filled with genius.
I also don’t use so many acronyms and initials IRL.

IRL I am even more me than online. Sarcasm is tougher, as is inflection, but I just post the first thing that pops into my head, just like IRL. My real life volume is probably higher.