Are you freaking KIDDING me, or are you that stupid?

A lady just gave me some money, and said, “Forty on pump ten, please.” I ring her up. She comes back in a few minutes later, and says “I can’t, I can’t! My gas tank is on the other side!”

I’m going to go kill myself now.


If she had a car, and not an SUV, and I’ve told her to stretch the hose over her damn car.

Didn’t she know that there’s a wheelie-thingie in the car that allows her to turn the car around? Once the mistake was made, that would have resolved the situation.

BTW: Yesterday I registered a Where’s George dollar I received.

I do that too sometimes, but, like Travis said, the hose stretches to the far side easily enough.

The hoses are not long enough to reach the other side, at the place I refuel.

I just know which side my filler is on. In an unfamiliar car I look at the arrow on the fuel gauge. Or if I’m in an unfamiliar car and pull up on the wrong side by mistake, I just move the car.

It’s never occurred to me to panic and say ‘I can’, I can’t.’

Ours generally do not. But if it didn’t, you’d be able to figure out the situation, right?


You pulled up on the wrong side?!? You have brought great dishonor to you and to your family—and can only redeem yourself via ritual suicide. Here’s a ceremonial knife and the keys to the bathroom.

Where was it from?


Don’t worry, it wasn’t yours; and no, you can’t “have it back.”


Bay City, MI, 22 Apr 2010, 1,871 miles away,

I can’t help but share my experience working as a pump jockey. About once a week someone would pull up, and their tank would be on the other side. I’d tell them this, and ask them to pull around to the other side. They’d drive in a circle, facing the opposite way on the other side of the pump. This didn’t resolve the situation.


Happens all the time.


Life was better when all pumps were full serve. I can’t believe the stupidity of the motoring public. They allow these people to handle $30,000 weapons-on-wheels by simply passing a drivers test. Don’t you wonder how they can successfully get dressed in the morning?

ETA: We used to own a gas station/convenience store/repair shop. The stories I could tell…

Maybe she was worried someone else would pull up to the pump when she moved? That’s all I got.

I have long advocated that gas tank receptacles always be on the same side of the goddam car.

But would anyone listen???


They’d just say, “Hello Quasi!”

Hey, John!

Do you love looking at people working? :wink:

Your pal


You lost me. How is this a problem?

Take the 40 off pump ten and put it on the pump she wants. Is this a whoosh?

I think the disconnect was that the lady customer couldn’t figure out that she simply had to move the damn car.

Does anyone have any idea why they aren’t all on the same side, anyway? I’ve never been able to decide if this would make things more or less chaotic at gas stations, but my guess is less.

And I’d like to live somewhere where the hoses would stretch around to the other side, because they sure don’t around here.

I agree. Was the woman rude? Did she blame OP for her parking on the wrong side of the pumps? Did she cut in front of a whole bunch of customers? Demand the OP do something illegal? Threaten to send her “man” after you banned her son from the store? Vomit/urinate/defecate on the salesfloor or parking lot? If this is the kind of stuff that get’s a pit thread out of you then working in a convenience store is not for you.

The gas tank has a pretty low priority when you’re designing a car - you stick it where you’ve got extra room. Depending on where you put the various car parts, that may end up on the left or right.

I was working at a gas station once, and I had a woman who was probably about 30 come in and tell me she had no idea how to pump gas, she’d never done it before. She came from one fo those stats with the laws requiring employees pump gas, and she just couldn’t figure out the esoteric procedure.