Are you less likely to vomit from medication when asleep?

Let’s say I can take up to 2 pills of med X on an empty stomach during the day, but 3 pills will cause nausea or vomiting. At night many of our functions slow down. Does that include medication digestion? Hence if I took 3 pills right before bed, would my system be more tolerant of them than while awake? Or am I likely to wake up vomiting just the same as while awake?
Thanks gang!!! :slight_smile:

Don’t sleep on your back. Prop pillows to prevent you from turning onto your back. Do not start illegal drug manufacturing with your friendly high school chemistry teacher.

No. Your autonomic functions don’t all stop when you sleep. Slightly slower, deeper breathing is what happens when you sleep. Other functions may not slow down much, or at all. And something, “slowing down” does not make it “less likely to happen.” Ref: slowly running a stop sign doesn’t make an accident “less likely.” Ask your local police.

Why does this article say digestion slows to a “sluggish” pace?

And this article says that the kidneys slow down, and less urine is produced:

You could point out that slowing down a thing doesn’t necessarily make something related to it less likely to happen, but to generalize like this is horribly silly. Do I have to begin to make a list of everything in the universe for which slowing down something makes something related to it less likely to occur? I don’t understand your metaphor; you think speeding through a stop sign is equally dangerous as slowing to 1 mph at the stop sign??

I think its a pretty common meme that vomiting, while asleep, is very possible and also possibly lethal. Its killed a number of people, famous and otherwise, and I opted to reference a random TV show instead of an article. Hey, I wrote a dumb metaphor too. You want to exaggerate it and make it even dumber, go ahead, you do you.

Your references don’t seem very definitive to me, but hey, they’re better than my jokes.

I don’t think the logic of sleep slowdown of body processes avoiding nausea, or any other negative instance is going to be a thing. I’ve been awakened out of a sound sleep by a number of body problems – sudden nausea being one of them.