Salivation and nausea (maybe TMI)

I used to get sick quite often, but I have been pretty healthy for the last decade or so. I’m not sure when I had last thrown up (until recently.)

Starting about a month ago, I will occasionally be overcome with intense nausea about 40 minutes after going to bed. This only led to vomiting once, but I was certainly tempted the other times. My question is not about why this is occuring. Being in grad school fills my life with stress and certainly screws with my eat/sleep schedule. Sometimes I won’t eat dinner until I get back from lab, which can be around midnight (I’d prefer to eat ~5:30). I’ll double check w/my doc next time I see him

My questions is about this. When the nausea hits me, it is accompianied by surprisingly prodigious salivation. I’m not talking about a little drool. This is fill-your-mouth-in-a-few-seconds salivation. I didn’t know those salivary glands had it in them! What’s going on? Is this a typical reflex? It certainly helped clear my mouth out the one time I did have to fill my trashcan. Does this usually happen when people become nauseated (I simply don’t remember)? Where does all that fluid come from?

Sounds a little like Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar). I used to have that from time to time when I was younger. Now, I am Hyperglycemic (Diabetic), but at times, I get low blood sugar and feel nauseous and wanting to vomit. Also I have cold sweats when I feel that way. See your doctor.

I seem to recall reading that excessive salivation is very common just before vomiting. Apparently, this helps protect the mouth against the corrosive properties of vomit. So this doesn’t seem to be anything unusual. As for why you’re now struck with nausea after getting to bed, your guess is as good as mine. I know that very occasionally I will wake up nauseated about one hour after getting to bed, but never to the point of vomiting, and it subsides after a few minutes of walking around.

After a few “morning afters” where I was feeling the consequences of the night before, heavy salivation was a common signal that my stomach was going to require a stern talking to.

Have you been checked for ulcers? When i was in college I was stressed out quite a bit, which led to an ulcer which made me puke a few times. Could be that lying down is aggrivating the ulcer to the the point of nausea but adjusting your position when you feel sick makes the nausea go away.