Are You Okay?

Are you okay? Are the people important in your life okay? This is not a political rant, honest. It’s more of a survey, because I am really struggling with this.

Got a job? A job you think you’ll have in a year? In six months? Do your friends? Your spouse/S.O.? Family members? Do you have health insurance? How’s the quality of your life? Enough down time? Stress levels?

I do not know anyone in my circle of friends or family who has a secure job. Some friends and family have zero health care, or live impoverished lives so they can pay for health care for their kids and family. People don’t go out. People don’t seem to be laughing much. It appears to me, that many groups of people I know are also…not so okay.

You? Your clan? Your social circle?


Eh. I can’t complain.

Yes. Actually I’m more than OK, I’m blessed. (knock wood)

Everyone in my family is healthy and as employed as they want to be. My folks just retired and are having a great time on their boat. My in-laws are declaring bankruptcy this week but while it is traumatic, they aren’t ending up out on the street, and are very glad to have closed their business. My husband has a great job, a better job than he had 6 months ago. We are expecting a son in February and our daughter is healthy and happy and very very two. We all have health insurance. My job is steady also, and better than that it is part-time out of my home so I can pretend to be a SAHM. We can meet our mortgage and other expenses every month, not with a lot of extras but not with a lot of scrimping either.

All that said, I have things I worry and complain and am scared about. Things that loom on the horizon and that I don’t know how we’ll manage. We aren’t as lighthearted as we were back in 2000 when everything seemed up up up and everyone I know was living the good life. But overall I don’t have a darn thing to complain about and I try to appreciate and be greatful for everything I have.


Got a job?
Yes. One I enjoy although I am unsure if I do it to my boss’ satisfaction.

A job you think you’ll have in a year? In six months?
Yeah. Even if I’m not, I think it’ll take something severe, like looking at child pornography while at work, to get fired.

Do your friends? Your spouse/S.O.?
I don’t have an SO and all of my friends are online.

Family members?
My stepdad just started a job he’s wanted to do for years and it pays double what his old job did. Everyone else, so far as I know, is doing just as well as they were before.

Do you have health insurance?
Not for almost five years now, no.

** How’s the quality of your life? Enough down time? Stress levels?**
It’s boring. My time off work is spent almost entirely online or playing with my kitten. I have no friends to speak of and am 2,500 miles from home so I don’t really know the area well either.

While my life doesn’t suck, it’s not especially good either.

I haven’t been OK since I was 15. From 16 to 25 I was Good, from 25 to 35 I was Great, and ever since then I have been freaking AWESOME!

But really…

Job: Both of us gainfully employed, and I have been at the same job for 18 years. Awesome job security. It would take an Act of Congress or a major foul-up on my part for me not to have this job until I decide to retire in a decade or two.

Friends: Every one of my friends, in various circles, are gainfully employed in their chosen field of endeavor, and anticipate being employed for quite some time. None are worried about their employment.

Family members: Both sets of parents are retired and well-off. Reasonably to very secure and provided for.

Health Insurance: You bet! We have one of the best health plans around, and everybody I know has great coverage through their jobs or individual programs.

Quality of Life: For all of us, it has generally been getting better every year. There are a few that have seen some minor drop, but nothinf significant. If I am stressed, it is because I am doing a job I love with all my devotion. Burn-out? Doubtful. I love doing what I do, even if it does mean that I work 6 days a week 3/4 of the year.

I don’t have a thing to complain about that isn’t my own damn fault! :smiley:

I am out of beer though. :eek:

Am I okay? Sure, especially when compared with the vast majority of folks on the planet much worse off.

Compared to a few years ago? Hmm, that one’s a bit stickier.
I have a job, with great health benefits, but have survived two major downsizings and two subsequent wage reductions. I’d just recovered my equilibrium from the first salary hit when the second one dropped on us, things are getting pretty tight. Granted, so far I can keep the gas and electric on without worry, but for the first time ever I don’t have any real savings, no clue what I’ll do about Christmas, etc. I’m babying an eleven year old vehicle wondering how well it will get me thru the winter and starting to calculate repair costs vs the feasibility of an extra payment, I’m clipping coupons and shopping sales like mad, lowered my auto and home insurances just to save on the premiums, etc.

I’m lucky to have a pretty secure job, and I don’t let myself forget that. I’m glad I’ve not made a habit of carrying consumer debt like the ‘average’ American household we always hear about, but going into debt just to maintain close to the same standard of living is scaring the bejeezers out of me. Going backwards sucks, seems like I’ve forgotten a lot of living poor strategies and I’m spending way too much time worrying about money.

As far as my circle of family and friends goes, basically I’m in the lead with financial security, they’re all worse off in varying degrees. Most of my friends were ‘comfortable’ a few years ago, but little things like insurance rate hikes, higher medical co-pays and rising utility costs without any commeasurate hike in income are squeezing them pretty hard. My parents are good, they’ve retired and planned well and so far their pensions are still there, but one sibling declared bancruptcy and another one wound up selling their home to avoid doing the same thing. One friend got laid off from three consecutive jobs in five years, so decided to go into business for himself, a year later he folded and moved back home with his parents, at 48. He’s not feeling too okay bout himself lately.

I don’t whine much, since I’m in a better all-around place than nearly everyone else I know, but we’re all stressed and scared.

I’m okay. I’ve been okay for maybe 5 years, with various short periods of not-okayness. I’ve had the same job for seven years, and have steadily increased my income without increasing too much my outgo until I recently bought a house. I have insurance, and am mostly making ends meet without denying myself some simple pleasures. I’m putting a percentage of my paycheck into a 401k account.
I won’t be buying a new car anytime soon, but that’s not a priority anyway.
I’m lucky to have a well-paying job in a nice small town. Living expense is low here, but it’s tough to find good, full-time employment.

Are you okay? Yep.

Are the people important in your life okay? All but two.

Got a job? Yes.

A job you think you’ll have in a year? Yes, unless I retire.

In six months? Ditto

Do your friends? All but one, who’s on disability.

Your spouse/S.O.? retired.

Family members? All but one, who’s also on disability.

Do you have health insurance? Yes.

How’s the quality of your life? Pretty dam good.

Enough down time? I make sure I take what I need.

Stress levels? Moderate – given that I have a close friend and also a family member with some serious health issues.

I’m not okay.

Last year the Indian company Tata sent “consultants” to my workplace. Suddenly people started to get laid off. My turn came, along with half of our department, 364 days ago.

I did get a new job after five months, for 45% of my previous salary. I’m up to half now. The President says outsourcing is good for the country. He says his tax cuts helped the middle class. I’d rather have the $25,000 I’m not getting from my old job, than the $300 his tax cut gave me.

I paid bills today. The mortgage will be automatically paid in two days. I’m running a deficit. I do have some money in the bank, but I have less of it every month. Winter is coming, and I’m probably looking at $200/month to heat the house.

As I said in another thread, it kills me that I can’t fly. A better job would not only help me, but it would help such businesses as the helicopter rental place. I’d be contributing to the economy by eating in restaurants. Contractors would be a little better off because I’d be improving my home. Home improvement stores would benefit as well. Yeah, outsourcing really helps the economy. :rolleyes:

My best *fiend is wrapped up in his own life. Haven’t talked to him in over a month. He stopped seeing his other friends some time ago, since he felt they were a bad influence on him. I know some of these people, but have no way of contacting them.

My job is not satisfying. I like making CAD drawings, but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing from day to day. CAD drawings? Filling a ditch with a shovel? Testing equipment I know little about, with little or no instruction?

I do have a job, which is more than some people can say. My health is pretty good, in spite of needing to lose weight. I’m buying the house I live in. But things could be better.

Are you okay?

Currently fine. I’ve been better, physically and mentally. Recently recovered from a truly crippling bout of depression, but things are definitely on the upswing for me at present.

Are the people important in your life okay?

Kinda. We all have our tragedies. My mom recently had surgery and has to have some tests to determine the nature of the lump in her breast. The doctors think it’s benign, however. My brother and his fiancee have a home and jobs, and I’ll probably be moving in with them in a couple months.

One of my really good friends recently had her first nephew. Unfortunately, he was born with congenital birth defects and mental retardation. My other friend is still trying to understand her sexuality and become comfortable with it. Most of the others are in good shape, though.

Got a job?

Yep, good ol’ Americorps NCCC.

A job you think you’ll have in a year? In six months?

No, Americorps is finishing up in mid-November, at which time I’ll return to Mississippi. I’ll probably move in with my brother and get a temporary job. Hopefully next summer I’ll go to India with the International Partnership for Service-Learning program.

Do your friends? Family members?

Yes, but my mom is gonna be out of a home and a job soon. My brother has offered to let her move in with him, but she’s hoping to find work and an apartment soon so she won’t have to.

Your spouse/S.O.?

Not Applicable, unfortunately.

Do you have health insurance?

Yes, but it finishes in November when Americorps ends.

How’s the quality of your life? Enough down time? Stress levels?

This last week has been physically exhausting. However, I made a new friend and some things are definitely looking up for me. I have a clearer picture of what I’ll be doing in the next 6 months.


Good question. No, no I’m not okay. I lost my job 7 months ago. I haven’t been able to find anything and I have an interview on Sunday with Target, which won’t pay enough to support myself, but’s better than nothing. I have two mortgages and I’m living off my 401K at this point. I have a house that’s been for sale for 4 months and it’s still not sold. I couldn’t afford the COBRA payments, so I don’t have health insurance. I have depression, but no meds, so I’m in that “I wish I were dead” point. My mother recently had a stroke, induced, in my opinion, by my ne’er-do-well sister. My father died of cancer 5 years ago. My sisters’ the twins have some serious health issues. My brother has started his own business, and it seems to be going well, but he’s borrowed heavily from my mother to get to this point. I have one sister who’s well financially, physically and (I think) emotionally.

Life sucks.


**Are you okay? ** For the most part. Things are slowly getting better.

**Are the people important in your life okay? ** Yes, but I have a 97 year old grandmother that I worry about.

**Got a job? ** Yes, a good one.

**A job you think you’ll have in a year? ** Definitely.

**In six months? Do your friends? ** See above.

**Your spouse/S.O.? Family members? ** Wife is on disability; rugrat has a high school appropriate job.

**Do you have health insurance? ** Yes.

**How’s the quality of your life? ** C-. I’m still in bad financial shape from being laid off last year, and moving to take this job.

**Enough down time? ** No, but I have next week off to handle personal business. First appreciable time off since I started the job a year ago.

**Stress levels? ** Off into the ozone; related to the previously mentioned financial woes. Next week’s personal business will help considerably.

Are you okay? Not really, no. Getting by.

Are the people important in your life okay? Also getting by.

Got a job? Not really. Temping, as I have been for the last year and a half.

A job you think you’ll have in a year? God, I hope not.

In six months? Do your friends? Ditto. Most (but not all) of my friends have more stable employment, although many are looking to move to less hostile work environments.
Your spouse/S.O.? Family members?** Miserable and job hunting. There is a glimmer of hope for the future, but there’s still a bit more struggling to go yet. The rest of the family is doing okay.
Do you have health insurance?.** No, but I live in the UK. Thank heavens for the NHS, or I’d be royally screwed.

How’s the quality of your life? There are wonderful moments, there are terrible moments, and there are a lot of grey and exhausting days spent just trying to get everything done that needs to be done. It’s a life.

**Enough down time? ** Only between temp jobs, and then I’ve got no money to do anything.

Stress levels? I’m probably more stressed than my situation warrants. Maybe I need to drink more.

Yeah, I’m ok.

Job: just started a new one, about four months after finishing grad school. Sure, it meant relocating, but I’m pretty sure it’s a good job. I do expect to have it in six months, and I figure I’m likely to have it in a year. Family members? As far as I know, they’re doing well. Mom’s pretty secure in her job, as is Dad. Little brother just started a gig after moving to Seattle. Sure, it’s at Blockbuster, but I hope he enjoys it. The older brothers…well, one is secure, the other took a leave of absence from his job. He and his wife want to move, so they’re trying to find jobs where they want to go.

My friends? They’re mostly secure. Like me, they mostly finished grad school in May - there are two who haven’t found full time jobs yet. One is in the doctoral program and the other…well, he’s looking.

Stress levels? I figure they’re about normal for a new job. Down time? Well, I’d be doing better with that if I could actually develop a circle of friends/acquaintances here. But it’ll get there - after all, I’ve been here all of six weeks or so now.

Mostly, things are good for me and mine. But I see a LOT of people around me who aren’t - especially in this new town. It’s an area that’s been hit hard, and things aren’t getting any easier.

Got a job?
Yes, but it pays poorly and the work environment is highly stressful with exceptionally low morale among the employees due to capricious and incompetent management.

A job you think you’ll have in a year? In six months?
Not if I can help it. I’m doing my damnedest to get out of there.

Do your friends? Your spouse/S.O.?
The SO has a good job, and he has an interview for an even better one on Tuesday. All my friends are online.

**Family members? **
Not so good. My mom is on long-term disability due to a lingering hip problem, which won’t allow her to continue her previous career (psychiatric nursing). One of my sisters has MS and my other sister (the one with the cancer scare) is going through a divorce. My brother has severe psychiatric problems and is incapable of looking after himself.

Do you have health insurance?
Yes, although it’s not worth much.

How’s the quality of your life? Enough down time? Stress levels?
The quality of my life is pretty good–roof over my head, food in the kitchen, and cats and a boyfriend in my bed to keep me warm. Everything else is gravy. My job sucks ass ans is extremely stressful, but I’ll find a better one soon.

Are you okay? Dissatisfied with my station in life, but not in despair so, Yeak. At least OK.

Are the people important in your life okay? Everyone but my SIL who’s been dancing with Mr. Cancer. She’ll be over that before the summer though. :frowning:

**Got a job? ** Yup. 2 in fact.

A job you think you’ll have in a year? Yup.

In six months? Yup

Do your friends? Yup–the ones I give a damn about anyway. Some are deadbeats and deserve any hardship that comes their way.

**Your spouse/S.O.? ** Yup.

Family members? The ones that matter, Yup.

Do you have health insurance? Yup.

How’s the quality of your life? Could be better, could be MUCH worse.

Enough down time? Nope.

Stress levels? Killing me. But not fast enough to make the wife & kids rich (life insurance).

Let’s see…

Job? I have one that I like…doesn’t pay a lot, but it provides enough to get by on for now. I plan to have it for several more years, at least until Babypoet starts school.
Everyone else in my family is gainfully employed, although not always happily.
I don’t have health insurance. Just hoping I stay healthy until Todd and I get married and I can get on his plan.
Quality of life is great, in that we have everything we need, very little we don’t need, and a lot of time to be a family.
Down time is a big factor: we both work very early shifts, which means we’re done by noon (usually, at least) and have the rest of the day to recover and hang out with the kids. It’s worth the smaller income, imo.
Stress levels: Well, we have 4 children, two adults, three dogs, and…I dunno, SEVERAL cats in a 1600sf home. You do the math. (Actually, it’s great. We concentrate on serenity, and usually manage to achieve it on some level.)

We go out, on the cheap. We laugh, a lot. We are, I think, way more okay than a lot of folk I know who have a lot more money.

How about you, Cartooniverse? Are you okay?? You sound a little down.


Are the people important to me ok? No, because they worry about me.

Yes, a good, well paying one. Do I think I’ll have it in six months? If the company lasts that long, I will last that long. A year? same as above.

The quality of my life is somewhere in the middle. I know I have serious problems, yet I also know I have usefull skills and qualities for future development.

My down time is when I am drinking.

I get stress at work, but am quickly able to deal with it. I quickly turn stress back into boredom.


Maybe I live in a society of moaners, but no-one I know is ‘okay’

I have a job, in fact, I’ve had 3 raises this year.

I’ll probably have my job in 6 months, or a year.

My wife is self-employed. Most of my friends are working, but I have a couple who aren’t.

Got health insurance, but it’s not great and I need it.

My parents are well-off, retired. My brother is raking in the cash. My in-laws mostly work, but my brother in law’s job doesn’t always keep him busy.

My family’s health is fine, but mine isn’t. I have had kidney failure and have to do dialysis 4 times a day. I’m just glad I live in an age where I can have kidney failure and still expect to live for quite a while.