Are you one of those people who eats the same thing every day?

I am, at least on weekdays. I always have the same cereal for breakfast, and lunch is always yogurt and a sandwich.

Are any of y’all in a voluntary rut?

I eat a bowl of oatmeal with raisins almost every single day at work, at about 11am.

Never! I actually go out of my way to eat different things everyday. When faced with a menu in a restaurant that I have had everything there is, I suppose I would do a repeat.

Nope. I almost always eat something different every day. It would be nice to fall into a groove though, I think.

There are two things I have everyday, a big bowl of homemade yogurt with hemp seeds and a fruit and spinach/lettuce smoothie. Could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever. But outside of those two things, I need diversity in my meals. I was never one of those kids who gets extreme monomania and insists on the same food day in, day out.

My husband, on the other hand, would seem to be perfectly content with coffee and cereal at breakfast, a sandwich at lunch, and a giant bowl of lentils for dinner every single day of his life.

I eat a lot of the same things, but mix it up so I’m not eating the same things often. Breakfast is tougher, but for dinner especially.

I like variety, but there are some things I could eat repeatedly and I don’t believe I would ever get bored of them (steak and kidney pie is the one that most readily springs to mind)

I’ll eat the same things for office breakfast and lunch for weeks on end, then get temporarily sick of them and cycle on to something else for a few weeks.

My weekday breakfast (in a bakery/café near work) is utterly constant: bread roll with jam on cooked ham, with cucumber slice. Croissant with jam on cheese, with tomato slice. Big cup of coffee.

Yes for breakfast & lunch on weekdays. Breakfast hasn’t changed in at least 5 years. Lunch parameters have been the same for that time as well - sandwich wrap, pretzels, piece of fruit - but the actual lunchmeat & fruit change reasonably often.

No. I rarely have the same thing two days in a row.

I go for long stretches having either buttered cinnamon toast or yogurt for breakfast at work (like months-long before I switch to the other).

35+ years a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea for breakfast. Alright, sometimes it’s a bagel and cream cheese, or cheese and crackers, and once in awhile - usually when eating breakfast with others or traveling - something else but it’s about 95% cheese sandwich and a cup of tea.

Everything else, though, I try for variety.

When I was single and working, I’d eat the same thing practically every weekday for months and months: cereal (with water, not milk) for breakfast, takeout green curry chicken for lunch and a hot dog from a hot dog cart on the way home. I got a bit of flak from my co-workers about my predictable lunch.

I’m married now and my wife likes to cycle through her preferred half a dozen dishes instead.

Frosted Mini Spooners (inexpensive yet indistinguishable-from-the-original generic version of Frosted Mini Wheats), every morning. There might be one or two each month that I don’t have them.

I usually have a similar lunch every day, with occasional variation due to circumstance.

But then, I’m not much of a fan of food.

I buy a pound or two of sliced turkey, turkey sandwich every day 'til it’s gone. Then something else like roast beef or salami but the same thing for lunch multiple days in a row.

I definitely am. Every day of my life, I’ve eaten the same three things: carbohydrates, protiens, and fats.

I used to work with a man (bachelor) who ate the same exact thing every single day, including weekends, and bought the same exact items every week at the grocery store. He knew to the penny what his bill would be and would complain if his bill was a few cents higher one week because of the price of one item going up.

Pretty much, at least for breakfast: one egg, one strip of bacon, small piece of toast, bowl of fruit, coffee. Usually a ham & turkey sandwich for lunch with either some tabouleh or orzo/wild rice salad. We mix it up for dinner. Tonight is bean soup with hamhocks.