What is your daily diet?

Im sure this has been asked a million times before, but if you have a routinely daily diet, on average, what is it? ie breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks inbetween…what do you eat?

Breakfast is fruit, basically I get all my fruit in, in the morning…maybe with a spoonful of natural organic yoghurt with ground flaxseeds on top. Sometimes it’s porridge.

Lunch is wholewheat spaghetti with olive oil or carotino oil maybe mix some tuna in…I dunno, usually oily fish. Sometimes it’s a sweet potato with leafy salad. Or soup and crusty bread and butter.

Dinner is oily fish again with baked potato. Or Pasta, or a big meal with steamed vegetables and mashed potato. Sometimes it’s my mum’s vegetable stew with dumplings. Or roasted vegetables with pine nuts and Goat’s cheese.

Snacks are Rooibos Tea, Chamomile Tea, Nettle Tea, Rice Cakes and Houmous, a bowl of cereal, fromage frais, Prawn Crackers, Pita Bread with more houmous or butter. Or prunes and figs, any dried juicy fruit.

When I get the craving I eat chocolate, it has to be less than 40% cocoa though because I hate dark chocolate.

sigh I’m really quite bored this evening :stuck_out_tongue:

In an effort to learn healthy eating habits with weight loss as a goal I started using dailyplate.com to track everything I eat. Since I don’t have 4 hours a day to spend on entering new and exciting meals it’s much easier for me to get in a rut and stay in it, so yes I have a routine, but really only for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Breakfast is oatmeal prepared with raisins

lunch is either soup or a tuna salad sandwich I prepare at home

snacks I keep at work are yogurt, bananas, and celery. To keep my rut less rut like I switch which I have at what snack time.

Dinners are more varied, but we do have a number of meals we repeat often.

Breakfast: plain yogurt, Kashi or Shredded Wheat, and blueberries or prunes or dates. On weekends, we might have eggs.

Lunch: cheese sandwich with tomatoes on whole wheat, or PB @ J

Dinner: salmon or tuna or chicken, with pasta and pesto, maybe some bread, romaine and/or mesclun salad, there might be gorgonzola, goat cheese, olives, tomatoes

Don’t eat much dessert, but I do like the occasional pie or brownies.

I have a banana, an apple and some apple crisps for breakfast.

I don’t eat lunch.

Dinner is either three rice cakes with philadelphia spread on top, or a bowl of spinach and ketchup, and then three satsumas and another packet of apple crisps.

I have diet coke at 3pm and a yogurt and tea at 9pm.

My current diet

Breakfast: Two pieces of toast with olive-based spread
Lunch: Panini with ham, brie and cranberry sauce, or burrito
Dinner: Meat or fish served with peas/corn and cauliflower/broccoli
Snacks: Yoghurt, orange, chocolate digestive biscuits

What is that?!

Is that even 1000 calories?

I’m guessing peanut butter and jelly. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t count the calories but I guess its around 400 cals.

Ahh. My friend, who used to live in Australia, has that a lot…though jelly is jam right?!

Breakfast: cereal with milk - usually Muslix or Special K
Snack: Yogurt with fresh berries - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with havarti cheese and lettuce
Snack: Piece of fruit - banana or a pear, usually
Dinner: Homemade pizza with tomatoes & mushrooms or tacos or BLTs
Desert: A couple of homemade cookies

ETA: For anyone who remembers - yes, my diet has improved quite a bit in the last couple of years. :slight_smile:

3 or 4 bananas,2 boiled eggs, a bowl of yogurt,a bowl of cottage cheese and a bowl of frosted flakes with skim milk.

A can of La Choy Beef chop suey with a cup of rice(or sometimes soup and salad)

A can of La Choy Beef chop suey with a cup of rice(or sometimes pasta with tomato sauce)

apples,bananas,oranges,cottage cheese,potatos,gummi lifesavers and a box of those low fat Healthy Choice chocolate cookies throughout the day.

This is my everyday diet and rarely eat anything else.

Im guessing you like La Choy Beef chop suey?!!

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with plenty of spinach mixed in, and occasionally diced turkey ham. Slice of whole wheat toast.

Lunch: Lean Cuisine frozen entree + lite yogurt.

Dinner: Variable. But breakfast and lunch rarely change.

It’s ok.

Breakfast is black coffee, a serving of oatmeal with brown sugar, and a glass of water.

Lunch is pasta or a couple chicken burrito-like thingies (chicken sauteed in olive oil and red pepper, roll it up with lettuce, carrot, onion and a half a head of garlic, all sliced up thin and doused with chili sauce). With a glass of water.

Dinner is most often chicken stir-fried with fresh vegetables; typically like a red pepper, a head of brocolli, an onion, some mushrooms, and a head of garlic. Throw in herbs and spices and whatever sauces strike my fancy at the moment. With a glass of water or a glass of wine.

I’ll also eat fruit during the day, depending on what’s around. Like today, I had an apple, an orange, a pear, a bowl of strawberries (frozen) and a bowl of blueberries (also frozen). Heck, I’ve got a big bowl of cranberries thawing in the fridge right now.

Yes, I eat too much. That’s why I’m fat.

You type well for a bird.

Yeah I have good fingers.